The Fear and Terror of the Coming Storm

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Night shrouded the glare of the masterpiece from the sky. I am now alone in this immense world; losing everything, nothing to lose anymore. My parent’s absence is my biggest fear. As if the sequin stars over the glooming azure is mocking me, the night was perfect to enjoy the life. Every day, every night, I climb the ‘hope tree’ to refresh my memories. With the smothering wind blowing, I gently step on suppressing all my emotions. I sometimes think turning my back against the world. I know it’s tragic but everything will be better than my disheartening life.

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Actually, my dog Lou is my flashlight. I always go to sleep embracing Lou. Lou’s velvet fur makes my stumbling mind stable. Buzz Buzz, the radio abruptly turned on and news flowed through the empty house howling. ‘we detected a massive hurricane so please, everyone escape to your nearby shelter!’ I glazed through the sky, hoping they can just take me. Neglecting the news, I took Lou and briskly walked down the spiral path which always gave me a headache but it was Lou’s favorite way to go out to the sea. After reaching out to the shore, I sat down on the rock that has been gloss coated with the rain. The day was especially windy. The dowsing wind made my raincoat to flick around. I fastened my hat and shoes.

The wind turned combatively. I closely stitched Lou to my side and I deliberately tiptoed against the stabbing wind. The sand storm clouded my vision. I tried to blink it away but the sand particles treacherously ran into my eyes. To make matters worse, my shoes were blown and the acute rocks underfoot damaged my skin, dyeing with blood; but I couldn’t feel it. All I had in my mind was Lou. I had to save him. He was my only hope and light throughout my dull life. The wind pierced between Lou and me as if it wanted me and Lou to be separated. The wind breaking through us was the painful thing that I’ve ever experienced. Nature was something that I couldn’t deal with. That thing has drastic power that could break one’s life into a small piece that it can evaporate. Now, he is gone.

I wanted to scream. Tears flooded more than the sea. My lips were blue and the blood was drooling from my foot. My heart hammered against my chest. My enemy, once my friend, stepped on me and made me to kneel down. The sand nailed through my knees. I cried out Lou’s name until nothing but blood came out from my throat.” Please, take me. I need my family!’ I shrieked. With the pain of wind striking through my skin and my burning heart, I stayed still, waiting for the evil to take me to heaven. The sallow and strong breeze left me, only leaving me in this rugged world. The tears leaked from my eyes and it took my hope, ambition and the key to way out from my dramatic life. Nature was one of my friends and it was something that I always trusted in. I depended on it whenever I had a hard time with my life. Now, it’s different. I want to be free. With the sky getting darkened, I lead my weary body to my house. I threw myself to the heap and slowly closed my eyes ignoring, once more, the single beam of light that pierced through my eyes.

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