The Story of Life Of Muhammad Ali

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In Freddy’s Pacheco article on “The Life Of Muhammad Ali” basically takes about the life and accomplishments of Muhammad Ali, and also how he has changed people’s lives inside and outside the ring. Pacheco touches on various topics on Ali’s journey on his boxing career, which made him the person and icon he is known nowadays. The way Pacheco wrote the article was with such passion, that made you(as the reader) feel connected to the stories he shared about spending time with Muhammad Ali as friend. Pacheco begins building his credibility by using personal facts, convincing facts, and emotional appeals; however, toward the end of the article Pacheco attempts to appeal to the readers emotions weaken her credibility. In his article, Pacheco’s first sets the stage by detailing how of a humble human being he was with them and his fans.

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Pacheco’s touches on how him and Muhammad Ali would spend hours and hours talking about the issues going during that time and how he wanted to help to solve the problem, preferrely to the African American people. Pacheco continues by discussing some of the reasons why Ali was so admired by people who loved him and hated him, would tell Pacheco how much help the black community who Ali said was much needed, and he had the obligation to do something about the situation. This just shows the credibility of Pacheco’s because he actually was part of Ali’s circle, he knew many things people didn’t knew about Ali life, which basically was the other side like the loving father, Magician, and humanitarian.

Throughout his piece, Pacheco uses many facts that strengthen his credibility and appeal to ethos, as well builds his story. These facts include, Muhammad Ali Biography, Film capturing Pacheco with Ali, and. Citing these facts boosts Pacheco’s credibility by showing that he was part of Ali’s team and also it showed the close friendship they had between each-other, and has provided personal facts, as well concrete proof to support his claims. He also uses personal examples for own life to support his claims of Muhammad Ali, which shows that he is not just some random person making spewing lies. Adding to his ethos, Pacheco uses strong appeals to logos, with many facts and logical progressions of ideas. He points out facts about Ali that close people to him only knew about like his birth name “ Cassius Marcellus Clay” was named after a 19th century farmer and anti-slavery crusader who emancipated the 40 slaves he inherited from his father. These facts introduce and support that Pacheco was more than a team member who worked with Muhammad Ali.

Along with strong logos appeals, Pacheco effectively makes appeals to pathos in the beginning and middle sections. His intro is full of emotionally charged words and phrases that create a sympathetic image; Pacheco’s notes when Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s disease and how it changed the bigger than life Ali to a slow moving and slow taking, which was really moving because nobody thought that this would happened to the 3 time world champion who never skipped a beat. The image he evokes of the challenges and vulnerabilities of Muhammad Ali being affected with Parkinson’s disease, as well as the high emotions a person like Ali must of being suffering from a horrendous disease. His goal is particularly to show his credibility and input sympathy for Ali. Adding to this idea are words and phrases such as, humble, hero, humanitarian”(Pacheco). All these words evoke positive emotions about Muhammed Ali’s contributions to society, which makes the reader sympathize with people who suffer from Parkinson Disease.

However, the end of the article Pacheco begins talking more about himself than actually Muhammed Ali who the article is about. At one point of the article two paragraphs of the article it seem the Pacheco promoting his other articles and books, which took away the point of story who was Muhammad Ali. This damaged the strength of his credibility who he so proudly talked about in the article. Additionally, his statement in the article about Overvalued Pacheco’s article was effective on informing the readership about what kind of person Muhammad Ali was and how he changed people lives by making them believe in themselves. Also Pacheco’s use of ethos makes him seem honest and believe because he provided proof of him and Muhammad Ali that shown to part of his team. Towards the end of the article credibility kind of diminished because he began to take the opportunity to talk about himself and how successful he is by being a good writer, that shift made him look selfish and just a way to advantage of the name of Muhammed Ali so he could gain publicity ultimately, Pacheco could’ve ended the article in strong and positive way.

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