Boxing Is Great for Your Physical Health

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Boxing is a sport that catches many people’s attention. So many people enjoy watching this sport. This exciting sport has been going on for thousands of years! Boxing has been going on since 1681. Boxing is a great sport. It is a very hard sport and a lot of work, but in the end it is worth it. There are multiple reasons why many people feel this way.

The first reason why boxing is such a great sport is because it helps people overall be in shape. Proven by Harvard Health Medical School “ boxing is a great aerobic exercise.” Aerobic excercise actually gets your heart pumping and makes you have less of a chance of having a stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure. Having a better heart rate can help you walk or run! The reason why it helps in the chest area is because you are working your upper body by swinging your arms from throwing punches. 

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Having this posotive affect will help you live without having a high risk of heart problems. Said earlier boxers work their upper body a lot. They do core workouts a lot of the time. A core work out might sound fimiliar to you, but if it doesn’t it is basically your everyday crunches, planks, russian twist, and even more! Having this upper body strength helps a lot with your balance and makes it easier to stand up straight and not fall everywhere. This will be great in the long run because you will be much more steady as you walk. All together this is why Boxing is great for your Physical Health.

Now since phyisical health has been brought up it can help your mental health too! Mental health is actual a big part of your emotions. If you are upset a lot most people have a way to cope and boxing could be an option. Quite a few people get out their anger on people that never did anything wrong to them, but in boxing you are allowed to use your anger by throwing punches. This could possibly help you not be as upset about something anymore. When you are working out by practicing your punches your brain increases the production of endorphins. You must be wondering “What in the world are Endorphins” well Endorphins are absolutly any group of hormones secreted inside the brain and nervous system. The nervous system basically sends controls to you brain. So from this now you understand how it can help you mentally too!

Lastly you can even use boxing as defense. Boxing is a great way to defend yourself if anything bad was going to happen to you. If one day you were walking and something or someone strange that just doesn’t seem right might be approaching you will be able to protect yourself just incase. From boxing you will have more accuracy, strength, and power. If needed you will be able to throw a punch and make a move before they can catch you. This might seem a little intence, but it is great information to know for the future. Being able to protect yourself and others is a great skill. It is just something extra that is good to know for later on just incase.

This is why boxing is a great sport. It helps people in so many ways. When doing boxing it can take your mind off bad stuff. Just like a famous quote by Muhammad Ali “I hated every minute of training but I said don’t quit suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” This quote relates to everything I said because if you put the extra time and effort, in the long run it will matter and you’ll be greatful that you chose boxing!  

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