Comparison of MMA and Boxing: Exploring Its Opposites and History

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MMA, Boxing, two of the world’s most popular sports in today’s generation for some time now. Between both sports, There are quite a good number of similarities but a greater number of differences but within both sports, but the intention is the same. But what really are the difference between the sports? Let’s start with the the older sport that’s been ongoing for generations, Boxing. January 6, 1681 the sport was invented. One of the most seasoned sports in history that made a great impact on the people till this day. The sport if=s performed in a ring and has a mixed variety of techniques that consist of just strikes that are only performed with someone’s own hands. Boxing requires such things as proper equipment, standard and specific rules, and business management. Some of the equipment that boxers must inquire are, boxing gloves(depending on your hand size and weight division), a mouth guard, and shoes specifically made for the sport. There are 12 rounds in total if the the two fighters go the distance and there are 3 minutes per round.

Mixed Martial Arts, a younger sport that consist of using most of your body as a weapon to use within the sport to score points. MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) was brought upon in 1983-1984 but left without an exact date. MMA was first debut November 12, 1993 and since then it became a worldwide sensacion to the people. After MMA started making a name for itself, the sport started to get more money and different rules and requirements as the years continue to pass and the sport begin to grow. At first MMA didn’t really have the standards it has now. Since there are a variety of attacks that consist of throwing strikes with your legs, shoes aren’t allowed in the sport. Different techniques and fighting styles are allowed in the sport as long as it meets the standards to the sport. Matches are placed inside of an octagon and are provided with 3 rounds but each round provides the time of 5 minutes and championship fights are 5 rounds. Glove size is much smaller than a boxing glove and also come with holes for the fingers so the fighter can grab and perform attacks in the sport. Besides a knockout, you can defeat your opponent by submission until your opponent is unconscious or has tapped out.

Even though MMA and Boxing are their own individual sports, they do have a decent number of similarities. Each sport needs management for the fighters that participate in the two sports so that the fighter can be placed with another fighter that is in the same rank and weight division as them. Each fighter in both sport need representation such as the trainer(coach) for the sport and the team the fighter participates for. As both sports are nationally broadcasted they influence the urge of victory and excitement by the performance of trying to defeat their opponent with all the skill they have learned to and practiced with to win the match. At the end of the match, all money that has been put down towards the match is all split in certain order between everyone that help enforce the match to happen and the participants also leave with a good chunk of change and result in their record and and rank depending if the fighter won or lost.

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