The Separation Of Politics And Sport

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The separation of sport and politics has proven to be a rather controversial topic in today’s society. There is a cultural divide that exists where this social issue is concerned. Individual’s opinions on this topic are likely to be determined by their race, age, and political views. These three factors combine to decide their opinion because they determine if an individual experiences discrimination in society.

The side arguing for the amalgamation of sport and politics typically consists of minorities and people who hold liberal political views. If an individual is discriminated against in society, they are more likely to support the unification of sport and politics. They support this side of the argument because professional athletes often use their social status to advocate for oppressed groups and attempt to achieve social justice. One example of this occurred in 2017 when NBA star Stephen Curry refused to visit the White House after winning the NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors (Hurley, 2017). Typically, when an American sports team wins the league championship, they earn the right to visit the White House and meet with the president. Curry made the decision to forgo this opportunity to protest the election of Donald Trump, a controversial president whose political decisions oppress minority groups such as African Americans and women (Hurley, 2017).

In this situation, Stephen Curry used his popularity to influence politics and stand up against President Trump on behalf of minority groups. The side calling for the separation of sport and politics typically includes people of the white race and people with conservative political opinions. This group of individuals argues for the separation they are more likely to be privileged and have never had to face any discrimination. Since they have never been oppressed, they do not need professional athletes to advocate for them. They are also arguing for separation because they view the mixing of sport and politics as a problem for society. When professional athletes comment on politics or take action like Stephen Curry did, it often comes with a great uproar. It is suspected that this uproar occurs out of fear, as protests threaten to cause change in the world of politics. Both sides of this argument voice their opinions with great passion, as this topic resonates with many individuals on a personal level. The issue of the separation of sport and politics is very relevant in today’s society with new developments occurring every day. It appears as though this is one issue that is not going to be solved anytime soon.

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