The Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

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 North Carolinian teachers are in a elite category. “They make the list of the five lowest paying states for high school teachers” This statistic proves that schools in North Carolina have a hard time hiring teachers because, they move to other states that pay more to have better paying jobs. It is very hard for teachers to make a living just on teachers have a hard time making a living on just a teachers salary. States should raise taxes in order to increase teacher salaries to help them support their families, get better qualified teachers, and longer employment rate.

States should increase teacher salaries through taxation, because most current public school teacher salaries are not enough for teachers to support their families. This is injust. Teaching is a full-time job, requiring a college education,and it should provide a high enough income for the employees to live and support their families on. Teachers often have multiple degrees, and they work long hours in stressful conditions, Most public school teachers do not get paid enough to support their families. According to a recent survey, ”In 2015, the weekly wages of public school teachers in the United States were 17 percent lower than comparable college-educated professionals”. A lot of public school teachers have to get second jobs. So That their families have enough money to survive, especially if they are on one income. “The Oklahoma teacher who sells his blood to pay his bills, or the one who works four jobs, including as a roofer.”There are many more examples of this but these are the better ones.

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(2)States should raise teacher salaries through taxation so that they can retain good teachers within their state. It is common sense that if salaries are good, employees will want to stay. The article International Study Links Higher Teacher Pay and Teacher Quality talks about these people and people like them is they were heard all around the country during the teacher walkout movement that happened in the spring of 2018.” Teachers in 6 states across the US walked out of schools and protested better teacher pay, funding for education. These six states include Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina , Oklahoma, and West Virginia.” Most people in those states do not want to pay more taxes which in turn gives the teachers less money . Most teachers who know that they are not going to make a lot of money or they are teaching in that state and need more money move to states that tend to pay more money. For example if you lived in Oklahoma where they pay their teachers the lowest amount in the country, you would probably go to a state that pays their teachers better like in New York and states in the south. It seems reasonable that the reason these states wanted better teacher pay and walked out is because they have the lowest pay for teachers across the country. Those states also do not raise taxes because then people would protest about raising taxes about would not pay them. The state government basically can not win. Everything they do people argue and say that it's bad.

States should raise teacher salaries through taxation not only because it is the right thing to do or because it is a practical measure to retain teachers, but because ultimately, taking care of teachers’ needs will result in a higher quality of education in their state. If teachers regularly leave your state to teach in another for a higher salary, your state will eventually experience teacher shortages, and suffer from a poorer education. Teachers who are content with their job and their salary teach better because they are under less stress. ”in 2015 the weekly wages in the united states were 17 percent lower than comparable college educated professionals”They are also generous with their money, able to buy “extras” to enrich classroom learning. According to a lot of different sources teachers buy around 90 percent Additionally, if teachers stay within the state, students are likely to as well. This means more jobs and more consumers in the area. Teachers because the quality ones who are actually good at teaching do not stay in that state, so there for you get less quality teachers. If the teachers get paid more than as a result they will work at your school longer and therefore you will not have to hire new teachers all the time. The good part about having the same teachers is that you know how they teach and it makes your job so much easier. You also take more pride in your state if teachers stay longer. Parents are more likely to put their child in your school. The teachers also get burnt out so quickly because of how much stress comes with teaching and because of their pay rate.

Despite the clear benefits of raising teacher salaries through taxes, some do not support these increases. Some even argue that teachers are not underpaid. City journal argues that teachers are not underpaid. In this article they argue that teachers already enjoy market level wages and retirement exceeding private sectors. Others agree that teachers should be paid more, but argue that states simply do not have the money to pay more teachers. States get money from taxes, the United States government, and the people in those states. The states then split their money up the best way that they see fit. The budget never has extra money, and they can not sacrifice health care or something equally important just to raise teacher salaries. According to the North Carolina Budget Fiscal Year 2018-19 They put emphasis on health care. Which is very important but education helps teach the very people who whenever the people who are working and making people better. If kids do not get a good education then we will have less doctors, nurses, teachers , and business men and women. If we have less of any of these people in these jobs you should be worried that we will be replaced by robots. Everyone deserves the right to a good quality education,

It is understandable that some people may think teachers are paid enough or that there is not enough money to raise their salaries, but the evidence supporting their arguments is weak. and that the issue could be exaggerated. Lots of people complain about how much they make. However, this position cannot hold up in the face of facts. Teachers, especially those on one income with children cannot survive on the salary they are paid. It is also a valid concern that state governments don’t have enough money to increase teacher salaries, even if they want to. However, raising taxes would solve that problem. Private citizens should realize that even small increases in taxes can increase the overall salaries of teachers significantly and that taxpayers gain financially in the end, because they will be living in a state with better teachers and better quality education over all.

In conclusion, it is worth the necessary financial sacrifices to raise teachers salaries, because the result will be higher quality education and teachers, and because it is just the right thing to do. Everyone goes through 12 or more years of schooling before they start their life. People become doctors, businessmen, lawyers, so many other things those are just a couple. Do you want somebody operating on you that did not have a good education or a lawyer that didn't get a good education and became lawyer when he didn’t really know the tools to help people not go to jail. They need to put less interest on the border wall. Yes we need protection on the border but they need to work on whats in the neighborhoods and in our states.  

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