The Issue of Justification of Adultery in Current Society

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Every action we make can be justified. Someone can kill another person and justify it as committed by self-defense but it does not make it moral. When it comes to adultery, it is the same concept. It can be justified but it does not make it moral. Some may argue that by committing adultery, it only makes the marriage stronger. It would hurt the other spouse, not committing the adultery, at the moment but in the long run, it will bring them closer together. Marriage involves two people who love each other making a promise to be loyal to one another. Adultery involves a spouse breaking the promise that was made with their spouse for some pleasure. Sex and sexual acts are very powerful human desires but it immoral to commit adultery.

When someone meets their soulmate, their best friend, their love of their life, they will stand before God, family, and friends and make a promise to be faithful to one another and have an exclusive relationship with one another, includes not having sex with anyone else while being married to each other, as well as other promises. The moment one of the spouses chooses to have sex with another person, not their spouse, he or she does not care about their spouse’s feelings nor their marriage. Marriage was created for individuals to reinforce their relationship with one another. By committing adultery, it only weakens the structure which eventually causes the relationship to break down. Ending a marriage is difficult because it does not only affect themselves but the children, if they have any, friends and family. It ruins families because the majority of the time, it will end in a divorce. Ending a marriage is already difficult and adultery being the cause adds humiliation. Everyone is going to be asking what happened, what was the cause. Having to tell people that your spouse cheated on you is embarrassing. Even thinking about telling others that your spouse cheating on you is hard to say, let alone telling your family is harder.

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Adultery involves deception, active and passive. Active deception includes lying to your spouse in order to cover the tracks of cheating. Passive deception involves not letting your spouse know about the cheating. The act of cheating in a marriage only negatively impacts the other spouse. It will only hurt the other spouse psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The spouse, especially women, will feel like they are not good enough, lowers their self-esteem and only causes anger. As well as causes depression, feeling unwanted, unworthy, humiliating and demeaning. It is an act of betrayal. Adultery is also a sign of weakness. The person who is committing the act is too weak to face their feelings about their marriage, so they commit the act knowing that it will only ruin their marriage without having to handle their feeling.

When we think of adultery, we only think about the spouse who committed the act and the spouse that was affected but what about the third party, the person who the act was committed with. If this person did not know the marital status of the person who they had sex with, it is justified and they cannot be blamed for it. That is on them for the choices that they choose to make. If they choose to have sex with someone without being in a relationship, that is on them but if they know that the other person is married and they still choose to continue with the idea of having sex, they are equally responsible and to blame for as the spouse involved. How can someone have sex with another person knowing that they are married? I just do not understand how a person can have the courage to destroy a marriage and be okay with it. Both the spouse and the other person involved is only being selfish and do not think about the consequences. What about sexually transmitted diseases? Hypothetically, a husband feels that he does not have a sexual connection with his wife anymore, so he goes out and finds someone who can satisfy his sexual needs. At the time of the sexual act, he did not use protection and contracted HIV unknowingly. He eventually had sex with his wife and unknowingly gave his wife HIV. How does it affect the wife? The wife trusted her husband and in return, he gave her an incurable sexually transmitted disease. From this point on, her life will never be the same. When a spouse chooses to have sex with another person who is not their spouse, they run the risk of contracting an STD which could lead to passing it to their spouse.

In the world we live in today, people find ways to justice about anything. From murder to robbing to even arson. Adultery is one of those where people have tried to justify that it is okay to cheat on your spouse. When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you choose to marry them which include making a promise to each other to be faithful. By committing adultery, you are breaking a promise but as well lying to your spouse. It can negatively affect the other spouse psychologically, emotionally and spiritually and only brings them down. Besides the feelings, adultery puts both spouses to be infected with an STD. It was once said, “spouses should put their marriage before their personal happiness (anonymous).” If one of the spouses are not happy, either work it out or end the marriage. Adultery is never okay and will never be justified.

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