Aspects of the Biblical Views on Justification

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Ever since I’ve taken this class, a biblical view of justification has been placed in my heart. Somehow, the feeling of thanksgiving has profusely overwhelmed my heart. My good works are separate from my justification by faith as it is a gift from God. Weirdly enough, I feel pardoned because I was somehow declared righteous in front of God and I was adopted to His family; how could I not be eternally thankful to Him? I feel like this constant and growing feeling of thanksgiving has motivated me to come back into worship for my God. I was a guitarist in my church for over 2 years in 2016-18, and I felt like my presence in the team wasn’t “meaningful” anymore.

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AspeBecause of the drawn-out days of practice and ministry I felt burned out and tired; I needed a break. So, I quit and left the church’s ministry as a whole. I think understanding my justification through God’s grace has placed me back into a life of worship and hunger for His love. As of 3 weeks ago, I have decided to go back to ministry and participate in active worship as a guitarist in my church’s worship team. The thing is, if my view of justification does not produce a life of worship and thanksgiving, my perspective of justification is just a sense of “wanting”.

But I believe in God’s promises and that God sent his own begotten Son for me to die as my substitute on the cross. Having confessed and repented my sins, I am indeed justified in the name of the Lord.

To summarize, justification has two main aspects: the forgiveness of my sins and the fact that Christ’s righteousness has been credited to me. I am indeed united in Christ by faith and that His righteousness is reckoned to me. The basis of justification is through Jesus’ obedient life and death. Justification by faith is not on any basis of my personal works or worth, and it is further from righteousness on me; I am God’s target for his righteousness. Our justification is not just brought up for some theological debates and discussion; it affects my life, and the lives of my fellow believers. I may not be able to fully comprehend God’s love, but understanding this doctrine gives me proper assurance, it develops my heart with humility, and provides me a life of continual thanksgiving.

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