The Importance of Taking Care of Their Health for Grandparents

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Everyone want to be healthy, because a healthy body can help people live longer and enjoy the beautiful part of life. If people don't have good health, they will lose many chances of fulfilling their dream. Most of my family members’ health condition are good, however, my grandparent has high blood pressure and my dad has diabetes. From what we know through normal life, maintaining a healthy condition for body is important but it is also difficult. As more fast food being showed to the market, people seem to ignore that fast food can make more fatter and become more unhealthier than usual. My dad get diabetes because of irregular sleeping time and also eat too many trash foods. He feels really bad when he get the chronic diseases and feels painful about it. So people should be lucky that they are all born with a healthy life, but if people just waste their energy on the things that will hurt their body. The good health will be gone. So people have to take care of themselves and protect themselves.
I talked with my grandparent last week and told them what high blood pressure is and what are some harm parts for the disease. High blood pressure refers to a clinical syndrome characterized by increased blood pressure in the systemic arteries and may be associated with functional or organic damage of organs such as the heart, brain, and kidney. High blood pressure is also a major public health problem throughout the world because of its high prevalence and its association with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Approximately ten million American people have related with high blood pressure. Seventy seven percent of them are aware of their diagnosis, seventy percent are receiving treatment, and only thirty three percent of them are under control. Also, high blood pressure is defined as 140 mm/hg or higher or 90 mm/hg or greater in subjects who are not taking antihypertensive medication. So in order to avoid get high blood pressure, or for the people already get the disease like my grandparent. I talked with them there are several good ways to relieve the pressure. The first one is that have a good living habits are important to their lives, which can help them build a healthy body and a good mood. Also, having a good rest is the basic, so that they can have enough energy during the walking day. If not, they would feel sleepy and damage our body system. Therefore, be sure to sleep earlier and get up early. Seconds, eating healthily also plays an important role. Pay attention to what we eat. High blood pressure patients can’t eat oil foods like fried chicken, heavy bbq with sauces. The third one, doing exercises is necessary. Exercises can not only give people health, but also relaxation and pleasure. Many stress from work and reality, negative emotions and bad moods can be kicked out by doing exercises. Overall, although sometimes people even do not realize the good parts they got, healthy living habits can bring many benefits to those high blood pressure patient and help them relieve there disease at some point.

I also talks with my dad about the diabetes that he got. I explained what diabetes is and what are some disadvantages that diabetes got. Diabetes is a group characterized by high blood sugar and metabolic diseases. Hyperglycemia, which persists in diabetes, causes chronic damage and dysfunction of various issues, especially the eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and nerves. So what can people when they already got diabetes? Here are some good tips I learned from class can help diabetes patient. First, people should keep a good mood. With a good mood people can help their body keep healthy. Second, diabetes patients should have enough sleep everyday. They should not stay up too late at the night and they should get up early in the morning. Third, diabetes patient should develop good eating habits, they should eating more fruits and green vegetables with no sugar or less sugar. Diabetes patient should eat less meat and no junk food. Also, people should eating the food at certain time everyday in order to maintain a good habit. Fourth, change the clothes as season goes on. When weather is cold, make sure wear more clothes. When weather is hot, dress less clothes. The reason is that diabetes patients are weak so they need follow the weather to keep change clothes. At last, when they arrive at home, they should open the windows to keep the air clean. If diabetes patients can do all these tips, their life will become much better and healthier.

Overall, my family members’ health condition are good. But my grandparent are almost ninety years old so they got high blood pressure. I’ve talk to them and told to take care about the food and sleeping time. Have a good life habit. The same thing as my dad, he is only forty one years old but because of the irregular sleeping time, eat too much drunk food and drink too much alcohol, then he got diabetes. I told him take care, too. What I need do is also keep good life routine, and maintain a healthy life.

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