A Career In Medical Sciences – My Path To Helping Others

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Health is important to a human and it is so exciting and curious to know how to maintain one's health in the present environment. I think that being a Doctor would empower me to know what we are truly about and how we can modulate ourselves to live a healthy life. By helping others, it gives a sense of satisfaction, and when you treat others to resolve their pain, the joy and relief a sufferer experience shall be boundless and that in turn would be a pleasant feeling. We might come across many people with various ailments and it is sure that variety of experience shall be felt each day.

Through my years of education, one area that had attracted my attention to choosing as a career path is Medical Sciences. There are various reasons that had influenced my thoughts, both as an external means and through my conceptual beliefs. My Uncle is a Pediatrician and my Aunt is a Surgeon. I have seen both of them being energetic and tireless even after hours of work and I have observed this as a norm in them rather than infrequent moments. Their sharing of experiences identified themselves as humane and kind-hearted and that had kindled my consciousness to think that caring attitude towards needy people shall give us a greater sense of satisfaction in things that we do.

I have developed my interest in the area of Sciences through participation at school exhibitions and being close with Science teachers. A lot of reading towards building up of human models created interest within myself and took certificate courses viz., Introduction to Biology of Cancer; Chemicals and Health; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Introduction to Forensic Science; and Stanford Introduction to Food and Health. My Science teachers had motivated me in various ways of performing Projects like Huntington Disease; Study of Schwannoma; and Determination of Contents of Carbonated Drinks. With my involvement in the above areas, I inculcated an urge to become a medical student and learn more of the human body, physiology, community medicine, and forensic medicine.

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I am presently undertaking Grade-XII from an Indian CBSE Curriculum with majors in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English. With exposure to Science subjects since secondary schooling, I have gradually advanced my enthusiasm for medical studies.

In the interest of medical studies, I had attended “First Responder Basic Course” that gave an awareness on advanced first aid level care, CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) usage and to deal with disasters at the disaster site. Also, I attended “Future Doctor Program” at Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar to perform voluntary works and observation at Bone and Joint Center.

I consider my key skills as attention to details, thoroughness, respectfulness, and ability to listen and communicate effectively. I enjoy working in our student groups and been a good team player when issues arose and collectively arrived at acceptable solutions. I do understand the limitations to my knowledge and shall be open in a group to tap on the strengths.

My academic achievements include General Proficiency for securing 10-CGPA in Grade-X Indian CBSE Curriculum and three successive years of high score reports in secondary schooling. My participation in MUN has given me good exposure to public speaking, debating skills and gaining self-confidence. My present portfolio in the Student Council as Director of Science has paved the way to learn about civic responsibility, leadership, problem-solving, democratic process and teamwork. While I have not gained accolades in Sports, Swimming and Badminton are my favorites. I learned Indian Classical Dance since my childhood in Bharatnatyam style and performed over 15 theatrical presentations in groups. Classical Dance has given me the benefits of being focused, disciplined, healthier, flexible, patient and control emotions.

I attended 15 hours in shadowing a private Pediatrician Doctor. It is important to note how the Doctor builds a trust with the patient and alleviating the fear. It is vital to understand how the doctor tracks the emotional and physical progress of a healthy child and intervenes when a child does not reach those milestones on time. This experience is an eye-opener in appreciating the services of a physician to the society, establishing confidentiality between patient and doctor, understanding the model and key elements of a medical prescription, and the manner of administering medicines to the patient.

As a successful medical student, it would be important to understand how to serve the society through my knowledge and being accountable to what we do. Value-based health care is one of my interests, as many suffer to get medical attention when in need. Helping the sick is an obligation and keeping them aware of the diagnosis and treatment is critical so that patient shall take free and informed decisions.

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