The Four Tenets of National Honor Society I Exemplify in My Everyday Life

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Induction into the National Honor Society validates academic goals that I have worked extremely hard towards thus far. Membership would not only help maintain my academic performance, but assist me in accomplishing further goals of my school career. Getting accepted into NHS has been a priority that I had set for myself in middle school, so given the chance means a lot to me personally. The four tenets of National Honor Society are leadership, service, character, and scholarship. I feel that I exemplify these tenets through my everyday life in a manner that is pleasing to not only myself, but those around me as well.

Leadership to me, is having the ability to show pride in all you are doing with a certain group or team. You have to set an example for those around you and show how much you care about something in order to be a leader. That focus, mentality, and confidence is key to reaching personal potential and showing others that you're willing to create a path that allows them to do the same. In my life, i've had situations when my people around me have lost hope and I had to bring them up. In a basketball game a few months ago, my team was losing by a lot and all of my teammates didn't even want to be there anymore because of how bad we were losing. I realized that I needed to take control into my own hands and take that opportunity to lift up my teammates by giving a little motivation to them to make them feel better about themselves. I use that same confidence and mentality from that game in my everyday life when im doing something I know, may not end up well. In order to be a leader you have to recognize the situation and have confidence that your going to get the outcome you want as long as your dedicated to whatever it is that you're doing.

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Helping people in need and putting a smile on their faces has to be one of the best feelings in the world to me. This next tenet is service. Service to me is helping out with either a person, family, association, or group and helping them reach a point in their life where they are happy and satisfied. I volunteer for a group outside of school called Scholars and Athletes Serving Others, SASO for short. In this group we do various events that include helping people in need and putting a smile on their faces while at it. It is a very heartwarming feeling when you get to a volunteer event and the kids look up to you for help and you can just talk to them. Service is a free way to do a job and help around the community, and overall just feel good about yourself while helping around.

The next tenet is character. In my perspective, to have character you have to truly believe in yourself and not get caught up with what everyone else is doing. Sure people will make fun of you for doing something that other people may find unusual or weird but to be honest, who cares? You have to be yourself and not let other people shape you in order to have character. I do some things in my life, that my friends think are weird but i don't let that affect me in any way because i have character. Its okay to follow the crowd at times but sometimes what everyone else is doing may not feel right to you and you have to realize that and do the right thing. Trusting yourself and letting your feelings and knowledge shape you when making decisions will have a great effect on the character you have later in life.

The last tenet in Scholarship. This tenet is one of the more important ones to me personally. I believe scholarship means staying on top of all of your grades and achieving great grades through hard work and dedication. Without putting effort into school you have a less chance of being successful in life and nobody wants that. If you stay focused and put maximum effort into everything you do in school, you will find yourself better prepared for the future. I try my hardest to have a grade average above an A so i have opportunities like these to get into great programs such as the National Honors Society. I’ve always been very focused on getting into a good college so i will never have any issues in the future financially and I think that begins with getting good grades and paying attention to the little things which are very useful in the future. Scholarship is something that is very important for having a future that is ideal and desired by many.

All of these words have such a strong meaning in my life and they have helped shape me into the person I am today. This great program that I have strived to get into has helped me along the way, such as giving me the motivation I needed to be the best person I can be and ultimately going somewhere in life. I will continue to work hard and dedicate my time in being involved with as much as I can in order to be a successful person in the future.

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