Why I Am a Strong Candidate for National Honor Society

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Why I Am a Strong Candidate for National Honor Society essay
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The National Honor Society is an organization that prides itself on its members being outstanding and well-rounded students, encouraging them to have leadership, good character, and help their community in as many ways possible. Joining NHS would allow me to develop such skills and grow as a person. I believe that I am a strong candidate for the National Honor Society due to my leadership skills that I acquired from many programs not only in my school but community as well, with the mindset of striving for excellence and exploring my true potential.

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Being part of this prestigious organization means to strive for perfection, to go above and beyond and that’s what I aim to demonstrate. I do this with all classes trying to aim for better grades. As I do now, I will continue to push myself towards greater opportunities for the future, this means staying in the honor classes and excelling in my current and future AP classes. I believe this is done with commitment and dedication, and I encourage other students to do this as well. With my commitment and dedication towards my class and my current goals, I know that I will show the same effort towards NHS. I consider myself to have good leadership to join NHS. In my previous years as a Girl Scout our focus was to build courage, confidence, and character. This helped build my leadership by having goal settings, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Besides outside of school activities, I also learn leadership from CRLP ( College Readiness and Leadership Program) where we are taught to perform above our highest potential, we learn to set goals for ourselves and they highly encourage us to go out to our community and help. This builds us up as a person. In addition to leadership, I have shown devotion to make my community a better place by volunteering in my local library where I spent my time organizing books in their correct places. I also participated in school events helping around teachers and in any programs necessary.

Last summer, I also had the opportunity to travel and learn in Peru with Study Abroad. Not only was our main focus our studies but we had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at a children's school. We dedicated our time to fixing up their library, having more books be brought in, and spending the day with all the children. I look forward to encountering experiences such as the one in Peru where I can contribute towards other communities rather than my own and really help others.

Due to my skills and experiences, I believe that I am a strong candidate for NHS. I will contribute greatly toward the program in any necessary way needed, my commitment and dedication will always be there. As an individual I strive not to let anyone down, I hope I can be considered for placement in this prominent organization.

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The essay provides a compelling and well-structured argument for the author's candidacy in the National Honor Society (NHS). It effectively showcases the candidate's leadership skills, commitment to excellence, and dedication to community service. The writer employs personal anecdotes and experiences to support their claims, offering a vivid portrayal of their engagement with various activities. The essay's focus on leadership development through programs like Girl Scouts and CRLP, as well as volunteering experiences in local and international communities, underscores the candidate's commitment to positive change. The conclusion effectively reinforces the author's suitability for NHS membership and emphasizes their eagerness to contribute further.
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Specific Examples: While the essay effectively uses personal experiences, incorporating specific instances of leadership and community involvement could further bolster the writer's arguments. Connection to NHS Values: Highlight how the author's leadership experiences and community engagement align with the core values of the National Honor Society, such as character, scholarship, service, and leadership. Elaboration on Personal Growth: Explore how these experiences have shaped the candidate's personal growth and helped them develop as a well-rounded individual. Future Contributions: Mention potential areas within NHS where the candidate's leadership and community involvement could make a significant impact.
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Why I Am a Strong Candidate for National Honor Society essay

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