The Concept of Leadership and Mother Teresa as Its Vivid Illustration

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Leaders have the power and the intellect behind the organization, and they have the capability to influence the ones working for the company to accomplish and reach the company’s goal.

According to Patel (2017), a strong manager or leader must reach and develop eleven traits to be a successful leader. Some of the traits are: self-managing, acting strategically, being an effective communicator, being accountable and responsible, setting clear goals and persisting in achieving them, having a vision for the future, managing complexity, fostering creativity and innovation, team building, and promoting teamwork, creating lasting relationships, and learning agility.

Quoting Hewes, Ph.D. (2019) being a leader today is different from what it was ten or even five years ago. The workplace has a fast pace of change, a lot of stresses includes working with different teams sometimes from different time zones and with different cultures.

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Summarizing O'Malley (2012) the connection between leadership and art has been made many times over, but leadership is actual art, not metaphorically an art. The best leaders and artists give their personal viewpoints and their work is superior and appreciated by the artist’s followers and active employees. For the constructive part of the leadership, the art influenced leaders by using the main characteristics of an artist by inspiring, consistent, creative, unique, passionate, and engaging characteristics of an artist. The attributes of a leader as defined by O’Malley (2012) are Intent, Focus, Skill, Form, Representation, Imagination, Authenticity, Engagement, Pleasure, Human significance, Context. and Criticism. To be a good leader citing Ovari (2019) books, training and education can help to develop the ability to be a leader, but from the art, they need to practice and apply to become great artists.

To be a real recognized worldwide leader you need to possess special characteristics. Mother Teresa was a living saint who offered a great example and motivation to the world, for this reason, she is my selected leader to present. Mentioning biography online Mother Teresa (1910–1997) was a Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to helping the poor and destitute around the world. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and became a symbol of charitable, selfless work. She did not attend the ceremonial banquet but asked that the $192,000 fund be given to the poor. In 2016, Mother Teresa was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Teresa.

Quoting Tejvan (2016) Mother Theresa’s whole life was influenced by faith and religion, even though at times she confessed she did not feel the presence of God. In my opinion Mother Teresa is an alive leader because she is still sending today, the main characteristics, to her follower’s as trust, patience, strength, and belief in God to inspire them to become responsible and care for others.

To pass to my daily reality in my workplace I can tell that my direct supervisor is a leader. My manager has an unlimited source of optimism and positivity, some of this is contagious after you talk with him. The “open-door policy” is enforced and used to help the organization to communicate effectively on all levels. The passion for the service industry in a golf world gives him the ability to achieve big results with our active team. Understanding members, coworkers, and employees are part of his daily routine; he is the first one online to help.

Leadership is an expedition of nonstop education, and an effective leader has a high-level intellect. In conclusion, leaders can influence the way of doing things, and a team’s success.

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