The Factors and Circumstances Contributing to Child Abuse

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Unfortunately child get treated very badly and get mistreatment and it happens to be very common. There are many different reasons for child abuse happening now. There are many problems related to child abuse which needs to be talked about and looked at, because it is spreading all around the world. The negative effect of a child being mistreated will continue in child life until someone help. According to “Physical abuse includes striking, kicking, burning, biting, hair pulling, choking, throwing, shoving, whipping or any other action that injures a child. Even if the caregiver didn’t mean to cause injury, when the child is injured it is abuse. Physical discipline from a parent that does not injure or impair a child is not considered abuse; however non-violent alternatives are always available.” One type of child abuse, is physical abuse. Why do people abuse their child or children? There are many factors contrbuiting to physical child abuse. We can separate the factors of child abuse into three parts. There are environmental factors, child and family factors.

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Firstly environmental factors means the problem start due to the situation and location. According to “Environmental factors such as poverty and unemployment, social isolation, and community characteristics may enhance the risk of child maltreatment.” Some of the parents do have a job or are unemployed. Especially when living in the city, money is very important. So, if the parent does not have the money to buy what the family needs, then they get easily stressed. Also, living in a dangerous can also contribute to child abuse. Sometimes, people do not care about their neighbors and parents. They do not care what happens to their neighbours whether it is good or bad. This always happens in the cities. Other than that, environmental factors influences of newspapers, web sites, and TV. Recently television, movies, and the internet is uncontrollable. Some of newspapers, web sites, and TV are unrated by the government. There are many violent scenes in movies and on the internet that people can access easily. So, some people started to copy what they have watched from the movies.

Secondly the factor contributing to child abuse is the child its self. Sometimes, the children can be a problem. This being such as a child's age and physical, mental, emotional, or social development may increase the child's weakness that could be used to hurt someone or something to poor treatment. That is for children in the age range of 1 to 4, they lack attachment between child and parent. Child has a physical or developmental disability. Sometimes the parent of a child will start to do things to the child if they have a disability because they are stressed out. Young, unsupported mother often with low education and the parents have not possible and reasonable expectations of the child and lack parenting knowledge. In the article Contributing factors to child abuse and neglect states that “Some children have certain characteristics or behaviors that make it more likely that they will be at risk for abuse or neglect.” Sometimes when the child has a disability the caregiver or parent might have a higher chance of being mistreated because the parent is getting overwhelmed with the child. According to “Children who are perceived by their parents as 'different' or those with special needs, chronic illnesses, or difficult temperaments may be at greater risk of maltreatment. The demands of caring for these children may overwhelm their parents. Disruptions may occur in bonding or attachment processes, particularly if children are unresponsive to affection or separated from parents by frequent hospitalizations.”

Finally the factor contributing to child abuse is the family factors. Sometimes the problem started with family and parents. Specific life situations of some families, such as single parenting, domestic violence, and stressful life events, can add or give to the chance of poor treatment towards a child or children. According to “Research tells us that there is no 'typical' abuser. People who abuse children may be male or female and the majority of child abuse is committed by someone who knows the child. In over 80% of cases a parent is the identified perpetrator.” Sometimes the parent or caregiver has already abused a child or has a background of abuse when growing up. The family has a mental illness or even have been diagnosed or exhibits symptoms of depression and even is dangerously over-using drugs or alcohol. This can contribute to abuse when violence and fighting is present in the home or even when the house is overcrowded with too many people.

It is important to remind the public that child mistreatment and neglect are serious threats to a child's healthy development and that obvious violence toward children and a constant or that the lack of attention to their care and supervision are unacceptable. People have the ability to accept personal responsibility for reducing acts of child mistreatment and neglect by providing support to each other and offering protection to all children within their family and their community. To prevent child from abuse is not only a job of parents doing a better job, but with the support of teachers, caregivers, or community of people. As a community of people we can help the child from being mistreated or abused. It is important to remind the community of people, teacher, or caregiver that the child is being mistreatment is the biggest problem to a child’s life. We have the responsibility to provide support and protect the children. Many organizations are supporting and protecting the victim of the child being abused or being mistreated.By putting into use the solution and working together we can help the children have better lives.

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