Essay Samples on Tears

How to Cope with Losses in Our Lives

There is no denying the fact that there will periods in your life that will experience different magnitude of losses. It might have happened at one point in your life, or you might be currently going through the phase at the moment. One indelible fact...

Reasons Why Humans Are the Only Animal Species That Cry

Humans are the only species to actually tear up when they get emotional. Researchers chose to study this topic because there is not a lot of research on this. Why are humans the only animals who cry? The two theories made by the researchers for...

Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Tears Based on Various Samples

The tears, covering the epithelium of the exterior of the eye, are an intricate extracellular fluid which is easily and noninvasively available for examination of proteins for monitoring both ophthalmic and systemic disease conditions. The tiny (3–40 μm) coating of tears are arranged into an...

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