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The Expectations of the Stroop Effect

The Stroop effect is an experimental design that analyzes our automatic responses when observing incongruent stimuli. In this study, a short experimental naming test will be performed with both neutral and interference conditions. A picture of fruit was displayed on a screen with either an...

Research On The Presence Of Inhibitory Control Deficits In Adhd Patients

Inhibitory control is the ability to voluntarily inhibit prepotent attentional or behavioural responses, it is the basis of proper functioning of all the executive functions, as well as it being one of the most used cognitive function (Barkley & Wasserstein, 2000), and the way in...

The Experiment Aims to Test the Stroop Effect

Klein (1964) found that there was an interference gradient, with the interference decreasing as the colour-relatedness of the word decreased when testing colour-naming using semantic variations. This experiment aims to test the Stroop effect in colour-naming, using the same six semantic variations as Klein (1964)...

Descriptions and Features of Stroop Effect

Cognitive control is the process that is used to overpower dominant responses in favor of less appealing ones. One way to measure this is through Stroop tasks. Stroop tasks measures the ability to respond to certain environmental stimuli while ignoring others. The Stroop effect is...

The Stroop Effect In the Field of Experimental Psychology

The Stroop effect is a phenomenon that studies how distractions affect the reaction time while doing a particular task. The Stroop effect is an occurrence in the field of experimental psychology which was first noted by John Ridley Stroop in 1935.It was further researched on...

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