How To Reduce The Negative Impact Of People On The Environment

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As I look into my lifestyle, I think that I am not the best environmental citizen because I don’t and active role in improving the environment through my daily life. However, I am willing to change my habits and lifestyle in order to reduce the impact of my footprint. There are several changes that I would introduce into my life. I would switch to using cleaner transportation like taking public transit or biking to one’s destination. This would lower the carbon footprint because it helps lower the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Choosing the energy sources that are used in the house such as natural gas into solar panels would promote the use of renewable energy. It lowers the energy consumption and produces less air pollution. I would try to install all the energy saving fixtures to conserve energy and pick up habits that would help save energy.

When it comes to consuming food, having a vegan or vegetarian diet is the better option. This is because growing and raising either crops or animals requires millions of acres of land and gallons of water. It increases land consumption and produces a lot of waste as a byproduct. Therefore, selecting foods that are certified organic or sustainably produced helps eliminate the use of pesticides or preservatives on the crops and has less damage on the soil. Supporting world organizations that show the impact of our footprint in the world can help bring awareness to people and teach them to change their habits and lifestyle. I think that the most significant environmental issues or crises facing the world today is the problem of climate change. This is caused by the by-products of human such as the emission of greenhouse gases which lead to the increase of temperature, natural disasters, and other unnatural occurrences. The greenhouse gases causes pollution in the air from burning fossil fuels which lead to the increase of human health problems. Insects that spread diseases tend to survive better in hotter weathers therefore leading to and increase of diseases and newer areas that the insects fly to. Do we have the technological capabilities to solve or rectify them? Briefly discuss.

There are many changes that can be incorporated into everyday life through changes to one’s habits at one’s house and their lifestyle. Travelling with public transit helps the environment because buses transport more people while releasing less harmful gases since less cars are being used. Transit companies try to make their buses more eco-friendly by producing hybrid buses or transit that runs on electricity. This corresponds to things that someone would actually do in their life because public transit runs through my neighborhood which makes it easier for me to travel downtown or to different municipals. Toronto has made many routes available with their transit systems in order to reduce vehicle emissions. The city encourages its citizens to take it. They have bike lanes installed in order to promote people to bike to places instead of taking their cars.

There are many energy saving features that you can install and many different energy saving habits that you can learn and pick up. Energy efficient appliances like dishwashers can help save water and one’s bills. In my house, my parents have invested into appliances that are energy efficient to save money on their bills while also reducing the amount of water needed to wash our clothes and dishes. Buying organic foods from supermarkets is part of my lifestyle. It is beneficial because pesticides are harmful to the soil and humans. I think we do have the technological capabilities to solve or improve the environment. With the innovations and technologies, I think we can invest in making things that would help us reduce the footprint on our earth.

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