Solution to the Problem of Illegal Immigration in the United States

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Immigration is one of the most important aspects of any nation in the world. Without immigrants, no nation in the world can run on its own. Through immigration, countries experience different languages, cultures, and religions. America is also a land of immigrants and immigrants are the ones who shaped this country as we know it today. In the past, immigration has helped the United States to lift up its economy to great heights and to become a land of opportunity for the people of the world. However, in recent times, immigration has become a huge problem for the United States of America.

Illegal immigration is one of the many problems the United States is facing nowadays. Millions of illegal immigrants are living in the United States today. These people come to the United States, they work low pay jobs under the table and don’t pay their taxes. They have also used aids and benefits provided by the government, which are paid for by legal immigrants and citizens. Illegal immigration has also been the cause of a rising number of crimes in the nation, such as drug smuggling, robberies, terrorism, and other illegal activities.

Another issue our country is facing is legal immigration. With the rise of terrorism in the United States and the world, certain actions have been taken by our current President Donald Trump to limit immigration from certain countries. Trump has issued orders to ban certain nations from immigration mostly from the Middle East and Africa.

To battle these problems of immigration, President Trump has taken many actions and proposed many new restrictions and laws for future immigration.

For illegal immigrants from Mexico, Trump has issued an order for the deportation of illegal aliens and issued the order to build a wall between the united states and Mexico. Although he is not the first one to propose the idea of building a wall, our previous President George W Bush also suggested this idea as a solution to illegal immigration.

To restrict legal immigration from around the world, one of the ideas proposed by trump is a merit-based point system immigration. Through this system, only qualified and skilled people from other countries would be able to apply for immigration. But people who are underprivileged, who have no income, and who have no education would not have the opportunity to come to the United States and live their dream life. Trump’s idea of restricting immigration contrasts with the fundamental idea of freedom that the United States was built upon, where anyone from any corner of the world could migrate for limitless life opportunities, for a better life for themselves and for their families, and to make a better future.

Therefore, the best possible solution for this would be to change the immigration system and help new immigrants in understanding the laws, and the language and show them the right path from the start. They should be granted immigration if they would follow the laws, pay their taxes, respect the constitution of the united states, and are willing to work.

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