Should Illegal Immigrants Become Legal Citizens

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Have you ever imagined a world where everyone is treated equally? A world where there are no borders to separate countries, or where everyone is a citizen, living all together as humans with no inequality that could separate them depending on where they are coming from, how they look, their skin color, or the religions and languages that they speak. This has become a big problem in today’s world, especially in the United States. 

The issue of whether illegal immigrants coming to this country should be made legal citizens in the United States or not has brought up much discussion, with people giving different opinions and reasons to see whether they are good or bad for the country. Everyone has different opinions, and although some people say that immigrants are not good for the country, some others think the opposite. There are many reasons why illegal immigrants should be made legal citizens in the United States, including that this country was founded by immigrants. Immigrants also contribute to the United States economy. They come here in search of opportunities that they do not have in their own country. Furthermore, families of immigrants struggle when the parents are deported leaving their children behind. Allowing immigrants to reside in our country would only be beneficial. 

When the country of the United States of America was founded by European explorers who came to America through the Atlantic in the late 1400s, they found that people were already living in this land. But because they were searching for wealth and land, they decided to force the Native Americans (original people of the Americas) to move west so that way they could take their lands. The discovery of the new lands caused people from Europe to start to migrate to America The New World. As more immigrants were settling in America, they brought with them war and disease that Native Americans could not support because they were not prepared for that. Over time people from different parts of the world including Latin America started to immigrate looking for new opportunities for their lives as Native Americans. Now people from all different parts of the world immigrate to the united states because it has become a country of opportunities. This country does not just help the immigrants to have a better life, but also the immigrants help and contribute to the country’s development both socially and economically. 

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America should allow immigrants to become legal so that they can help with the economy and allow it to flourish. People say that the growth of this country is partly thanks to immigrants. The United States would not continue growing and prospering without immigrants in the country, therefore the U.S must welcome new people coming to the country. This evidence shows that immigrants are important to the country and that without immigrants the U.S would not grow, therefore if the U.S wants to continue growing instead of wanting immigrants out of the country they must welcome them. According to president Bill Clinton’s commencement address at portland state university, immigrants have been and are very important in U.S development and it is when she states “Let me state my view unequivocally. I believed new immigrants are good for America. They are revitalizing our cities. They are building our new economy. They are strengthening our ties to the global economy. Just as earlier waves of immigrants settled on the new frontier and powered the industrial revolution.” 

Clearly, President Clinton states that immigrants with their hard work are modernizing the cities of the country. immigrants are constructing and helping the economy to boost and grow, and they are making a stronger U.S economy. Also along these lines, he states that immigrants powered the industrial revolution which means that because of the hard work of immigrants the development of the U.S during this period was successful and that they continue to contribute and help the U.S economy to grow. One would think that everyone has the same opportunities to survive in everyday life, but that is not always the case. As it is with many people that leave their home country because of the poverty and of their countries and in the search of opportunities that are not available in their home country. Since the United States has become the country that many people see as a country of opportunities, people from different parts of the world have immigrated here in search of new advantages for their lives. 

Groups of immigrants have immigrated to the U.S to improve their lives economically, to escape famine, or poverty, that they can face in their countries. Many times people do not immigrate because they want to do it, but instead, they do it to reach new opportunities, and that way better themselves to have a better future. Also sometimes is because they do not have other options. For example, the failure of the potato crop forced many Irish people to come to the United States. “Beginning in 1845, the failure of the potato crop for several years in Ireland led to famine and forced half a million Irish people to immigrate to the United States.” Because many people of Ireland depended on the potato crops, and the year 1845 began a big failure of these crops causing the great famine people were obligated to leave their lands and go in search of a place to survive. Have you ever asked yourself how parents and children suffer when they are separated and parents deported by U.S authorities? This is the case that many families have to face just because they are not considered part of the U.S. when a person is arrested they often lose communication with their children and the government ends up taking away their children’s custody and giving that child to adoption. 

Sometimes, even without the consent of their parents. This is what happened to Encarnacion Bail, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala. When she was separated from her son Carlos, the government took him from her and give him for adoption. She told her lawyer, “I suffered an injustice. I am the mother of Carlos and I was worried for Carlos during my entire detention. I was always thinking about him and I never give my consent for his adoption.” These words said by this woman clearly show how immigrants suffer when they are separated from their children, and how injustices against immigrants are made by the U.S authority. Sometimes children do not have the opportunity to see their parents again after they are separated. When the Juvenile Dependency Court terminates the rights of the parents over their children, children very often lose the opportunity to see them again. This means that once children are separated from their parents they might not see them again, which results in great suffering for both children and parents.  

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