Simple Ways to Remove Ants Effectively 

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Ants are the typical insects to which you do not pay the least attention until one day you find them hiking in the kitchen, terrace, or garden of your house. It is important to tackle the problem as soon as possible and not detract from the appearance of a row of ants in your home. You should be alert even if only a solitary ant appears as they are very social insects and surely an exploding ant with news about a great food paradise. Below we show you all the products with which you can eliminate the ants permanently. Some are more oriented to be used in the garden or outdoors and others inside the home in places such as the kitchen or home entrances. In addition, you will find devices that simply repel or scare away ants and others that aim to kill ants and even act in an anthill.

How to Remove Ants at Home

The presence of ants inside the house is a problem and it is very important to avoid the effect called. One of the best solutions to eliminate ants in the kitchen or anywhere in the home are gels.

In some doses can be applied by syringes and do not give off any smell. The goal is the same as in almost all products to get rid of ants. That the ants transport the bait to the anthill and the poison ends with the whole nest or with most of them.

We can also opt for ant repellents to try to scare them away or for the typical sprays or sprays kills ants but we understand that they don't solve the problem completely.

With the former, we can achieve not having ants at home but having them right at the limit of the device's distance of the action. And with the insecticides it kills ants we will be able to eliminate the ants that we have detected but we will not attack the anthill. In this way, in a matter of hours or in a couple of days we will have the same problem again.

How to Remove Ants in the Garden or Outdoors

Ants are not only uncomfortable if we want to enjoy a good time lying in our garden. They make holes to install their anthill, attack the planting of the grass and the roots and leaves of our plants. To avoid the presence of ants in the garden it is important to take a good cleaning of it and not accumulate leaves, branches, and firewood.

A good solution is microgranulated baits. These will manage to kill the ants when they distribute it through the anthill. You can also opt for insecticide ant dust. It is applied by sprinkling and is highly effective in fighting ants. Some of the baits and traps that we show you can also be used to kill ants outside achieving very good results.

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The Best Products to Eliminate Ants

Once we have seen several specific products to eliminate ants at home and in the garden, we will continue analyzing all existing products to repel or kill ants. In this way you can choose the one that best suits your needs. On the one hand, you can find baits, traps, poisons, kill ants, and insecticides in order to eradicate and kill ants. If you're looking for a way to scare away or keep them from coming back, you also have scarecrows and ant repellents available.

Baits and Traps to Kill Ants

Baits are one of the best traps to end up against ants. These types of packs are usually sold in two or more units and are very useful to get rid of ants. These ant traps have a very attractive bait that causes the ants to enter the trap and take the bait to the anthill. Once inside they are disseminating it through all the galleries and in this way we manage to eliminate the ants both from home and from the garden or outdoors.

Poisons for Ants, Kill Them

There really is no specific product that is sold as ant poison. In the end all types of gel with ant bait, any ant ant trap or insecticide carry certain properties that are poisonous and lethal against them. In addition, virtually all of these products incorporate a delayed effect that does not produce the instant death of ants. The main objective is the anthill and that is where all these poison ants act.

Anti Ant Insecticides: Sprays and Aerosols

Classic aerosols are a type of insecticide for very effective ants. These products are fast-acting and ants die almost instantly once they are fumigated. The main advantage is just that but they have several drawbacks. The first is that these kills ants logically have no effect against the anthill. In addition, they release gases that in large quantities can be annoying and even harmful to both people and pets.

Ant Repellents: Electric and Ultrasonic Scarers

These types of products do not serve to eliminate ant pests. They are useful to prevent the appearance of ants and insects and once we have solved the problem so that it does not happen again. It is important to clarify that no device of this type manages to kill ants. Its function is to repel and scare away ants so they simply move them away and prevent them from approaching by waves and ultrasound.

Home Remedies for Ants

If you do not want to use insecticides powder for ants you can try a mixture of yeast and sugar along with a few drops of water. This bait acts as a homemade poison for ants since once they eat it and the yeast ferment you will manage to kill ants naturally.The use of borax with sugar and water is also reputed to be a good home remedy to kill ants. It is a product that is widely used in cleaning supplies and is easily available. Also sprinkling some sulfur near the anthill can serve as a repellent and remedy against ant

Natural Repellents for Ants

There are plants and foods that are considered repellent against many insects and that can serve as home remedies to eliminate ants. Lavender is one of the most effective natural ant repellents there is. You can boil several crushed leaves and then spray the mixture with a sprayer. In the same way, you can pour water with vinegar or lemon in the anthills that you have in the garden. In addition, cinnamon powder, cayenne pepper, or clove can achieve similar results.

Finally, garlic is also considered an ant repellent with which you can make a mixture and pour or spray near the anthill. And if you have a small garden in the garden you can grow lavender, garlic, or onions to scare away ants naturally.

Tips to Never Have Ants at Home

Prevention is very important to avoid the presence of ants at home again. Make sure you have sealed all areas where ants can access your home. You must pay attention to any hole, slit, or small crack through which they can be cast. It is important to keep track of cleanliness, order, and hygiene at home. Be sure to pick up any remaining food or bread crumbs and clean up spills of drinks. You should also store all food in a good place. You will also have to check that they are well closed and away from areas where ants may appear. Once you have managed to eliminate the ants from your home, garden or business, you can find the ultrasonic repellents useful. The goal is to scare away the ants and not get any closer.

Pest Control: When You Are Not Able to Eliminate Ants

Although it is not normal, there may be some cases in which the situation is confiscated. In village houses or properties that have long been uninhabited and abandoned, it can be difficult to get rid of an ant plague. With baits, gels, and traps you should be able to kill ants by your own means. If none of the methods has worked for you, it is best to call a company specialized in pest control. They will be responsible for eradicating and exterminating the ants for the well-being and tranquility of your family. Without any doubt, they are the most professional and guaranteed way but obviously also the most expensive.

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