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How Russians and Georgians Fought for a Change of the Agrarian Law

Introduction The agrarian reform’s goal, in general, is to bring harmony between the rural and the urban people. Agrarian reform is fundamental because of its economic gain of the country because more than half the population is employed in the agricultural area. Agriculture is the...

The Issues that Eventually Led to the First Russian Revolution

The history of the Czarists system lasted more than 300 years, only to come crashing down during the reign of Czar Nicholas II. One of the most significant events that preceded the Bolsheivik revolution of 1917 that ended the reign of the Czars was the...

The Chronology of Events During the 1905 Russian Revolution

The events of the 1905 Russian revolution were testing times for imperial Russia with the question of it becoming a modern state. As well as the Russo-Japanese War along with previous restructured revolutionary groups bringing about Blood Sunday. The magnitude of the reforms following the...

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