Romanticism and Western Industrialization: The Evolution of Creative Freedom

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When it comes to discussing or learning about Romanticism, it is automatically taken with care and respect as everyone can acknowledge this is the basis of society, classic. And that is exactly what is being relayed in the writing of the text. The literal title of the section is “Romanticism,” it describes a movement in the arts and literature in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. Romanticism was a reaction against Enlightenment rationalism, academic authority, and the depersonalizing effects of Western industrialization. This piece of work is trying to not only explain all the triumphs of Romanticism but give an in-depth explanation of all its accomplishments. Romanticism was well-rounded as any society can get, with producing classics in almost all genres of art and creativity. Such as literature, philosophy, music, the visual arts, and architecture.

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In this period, industrial revolution with the social and political norms form as age of enlightenment and against scientific rationalization of nature. The Romantic Movement has long been preserved and carried on, proving an inspiration for revivals and other societies. In the text, there are proper explanations and a personal installation when it comes to the versions of their values; creative, freedom, expression, and the idealization of nature. All Four are shown again and again with each invention or new discovery done during the era. Ms. Fiero was also able to show deep respect for the period and all that has been a result of this era. There are countless accomplishments that have been made during these hundreds of years. For instance, Two men who influenced the era with their writings were Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, both English poets during that time. Their piece, “Lyrical Ballads” stressed the importance of feeling and imagination. All these new ways discouraged and didn’t tolerate the more classic way of literature.

Personally, I have always been fascinated by this movement and all that came with it. From the creative freedom that is seen as art, to classical poems. In relation to Ms. Fiero, I believe her and I come from the same point of view. That there is a deep respect and awe with Romanticism and the culture. We owe a lot of our own values, teachings, and even buildings to their discoveries. And while our society may not have the exact same practices anymore, one can notice the relation or how modern ideas were able to pull inspiration from these teachings. It was one of the first civilizations that had time to sit there and think, and with all the idealists and philosophers that came out of this era, that was all they really did. During the Romantic Movement, a lot of the famous names we know today began to ask questions and demand answers. In relation to the reading, my own perspective is similar, it only seemed to solidify how important I believe this period was and still is to learn about.

In conclusion, the reading was able to perfectly align with my own perspective I had of this era beforehand. Ms. Fiero radiated with her respect and knowledge of the society and everything that came from it. Romanticism, in itself, produced classics in every aspect of creative expression. And it continues to provide inspiration to this day with their values and creations.   

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