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Samurai and Knights: the Warriors of Japan and Europe

Samurai and Knights, the role where they start off young and train into strong warriors, the role who fights for their masters and fight in wars to protect their people, they who are strong, loyal, and cunning. The warriors of Japan and Europe, the samurai...

The Moral Concept of Japanese Samurai: What is Bushido

Bushido, ‘the way of the warrior’, is a concept immortalized through its constitutional ties to the moral values of Japanese samurai. Although bushido only appears in books in the late 16th century, the principles it entails of perfect honour and unyielding loyalty, military preparedness and...

History and Culture of Ancient China and Japan

Ancient and Medieval China and Japan had multiple cultural aspects in their history such as the political, social and economic structures. For instance, Chinese Dynasties brought forth new ideas like Confucianism, Daoism, and some ideas of Legalism. New trade routes were formed along with a...

Review of Japanese Culture and Unique Characteristics of Japanese People

日本 (Nippon) is a kanji character which refers to Japan and means sunrise land. Nippon the name most locals refer to their country as. However, Japan is a country found in the east of Asia. It is made up of four major islands, namely Kyushu,...

Japan's Ancient Warriors: Samurai History

In modern Japan, we encounter this ‘honourable’ warrior through mass-media. He is often dressed in his famous armour, fighting his many battles with his trusty katana or even engaging in a brotherly fight with the warrior of the shadows, the ninja. While many may argue...

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