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The Devastating Impact of Atomic Bombs: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Without learning our past, whether that be filled with justice finally being restored or injustice, we must learn it in order to move forward. As Martin Luther King jr. has once said in his book from strength to love, “We are not makers of history;...

Samurai and Knights: the Warriors of Japan and Europe

Samurai and Knights, the role where they start off young and train into strong warriors, the role who fights for their masters and fight in wars to protect their people, they who are strong, loyal, and cunning. The warriors of Japan and Europe, the samurai...

The Mogao Caves - a Unique Tribute to Ancient China

Out of the rough, sheer cliff looms an immense series of detailed caves and grottoes, each one riddled with lost secrets, intricate art, and precious statues. Torch in hand, you step across the ancient threshold of a ground-breaking discovery, tracing the footsteps of monks from...

The Moral Concept of Japanese Samurai: What is Bushido

Bushido, ‘the way of the warrior’, is a concept immortalized through its constitutional ties to the moral values of Japanese samurai. Although bushido only appears in books in the late 16th century, the principles it entails of perfect honour and unyielding loyalty, military preparedness and...

History and Geography of Asia Minor: Exploring the Legacy of Anatolia

Asia Minor is also known as Anatolia, and is currently the Asian section of Turkey. It has a privileged position as the focal point between the continents of Europe and Asia. This has paved the way for the invasion and migration of many people to...

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