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John's Revelation about his Father in James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain

Often times the protagonist of a bildungsroman will undergo a cathartic revelation, shifting their perspective from one of innocence and childhood to one of understanding and adulthood; John Grimes, the protagonist of James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain, experiences said journey of realization...

Book of Revelatons: Revelation 4-5, Heavenly Worship Analysis

In John’s time, the Church was facing persecution, and, therefore the book of Revelation brings encouragement, by shifting their perspective to the life that is to come and to the person of Jesus Christ. It creates an understanding that there is a bigger reality: Caesar...

How Conspiracy Theories and Neurological Factors Can Relate to Religion

One popular aspect of today’s media are conspiracy theories. Yet, parts of the social sciences can see them as irrational, false, or even blame them on religion. What we don’t realize as a society is how often conspiracy theories impact people of all backgrounds on...

A Research on Relationship Between Faith and Revelation

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This paper is divided in to three chapters namely; Chapter one looks at Faith and its Meaning emphasizing on what is this thing call faith? And how faith plays a big role in the life of believers. We believers participate by faith in God’s cognitive...

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