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The Aquaculture and Fishing Companies of Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica is based in Central America in between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It shares boarders with the neighbouring countries of Panama and Nicaragua. The land size of the country is 51,100 square kilometers that is mostly used for...

Panama, the Homeland for the Panama Canal

The Republic of Panama, also known as the “Crossroads of the World”, is a vast country full of diverse cultures, many animal and plant specimens, and a wide spread of agriculture. Panama is located in Central America, on a slim piece of land (Isthmus of...

The Establishment of the Republic Day and Festival in India

Republic Day is one of the great national festivals of India. It is celebrated on January 26th every single year to celebrate the day when the Constitution of India came into place. India was under the British’s rule for over hundreds of years, and Indians...

The Rich History of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic was the first permanent European settlement in the “New World”. Christopher Columbus settled the new land on his journey in 1492. In 1821, the Dominican Republic gained their independence from Spain. After the Dominican War of Independence, the country was occupied by...

The Suffering of the Democratic Republic of Congo

People all around the world are suffering. Their suffering is something we should be working on, but the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to take up much of of the UN’s time and physical resources. The typical family structure for the Congolese...

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