Reasons Why Modern Monarchy Should Be Abolished

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Why in an age where most countries have a democratic society, do some countries still have Kings and Queens? Some may think its good for the countries to have a ruling family to look up to, however, many believe that it's an outdated process that serves no purpose to the country.

One reason why the people would want to leave the monarchy system is that the royal families withhold in many of hard-working taxpayers' money as their own personal bank account. Many of the members of those families are given a lifestyle of wealth and prestigious taste of which many reasons for end in one word, taxes. Modern Monarchies don't work, and they’re still are getting paid and they spend a lot of their money on their own personal uses and demands. Mainly this process is most used by Britain. According to CNN Money Article, the Queen's personal fortune is estimated at about $470 Million and going up, just because and according to CNN, the queen made over $142 Million in the year 2016-2017.

According to Since 2012 the Royal Windsors Family receive 57% increase of Taxpayer's money. And the money some of them spend are put towards private jet rides, cars, submarines, tanks, and guards. And the Royal Family doesn't even have to pay taxes when everyone else has to.

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Now on to the Second reason. The monarchy system is useless because in those countries who use it, they already have either Prime Ministers or Presidents. So why have Royals when you can have presidents or similar power. Presidents/ Prime ministers have power and they work very, very hard to make there country a better place, and we know that some countries might have bad presidents in my personal opinion mine is Donald.J Trump, President of The United States Of America. Even the works hard so then why should we have Monarchy’s they just sit around announcing their lifestyles and they get paid more than most can even dream about and I don't see them work any what as hard as the common people do, so why even should they be in power anyway’s?

According to, modern democracy is better than the idea of Monarchs rule. And that everyone can have a chance in enforcing the law if they follow the president's rule. But if you wanted to be in the Royal Family it's almost impossible to be born into it. And my main point is Britain because they already have a prime minister that works but they still have the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family so the point I'm getting at is that The Family should be limited and be cut off from the taxes and the power that they are given when they rule their nation.

Here now is the third reason why Monarchs and the whole Monarchy should be abolished. They are famous for no reason at all, I mean what did they do that was so important, they shouldn't be acknowledged that much. They are just normal everyday people you can see walking down the street, but according to the residents of the country some obsessed with the Family, they are not normal they are more important than any other people. Is that really what they are? Well, I don't think so at all. And the people of the nations come up with these quotes here's an example of one. “Long live Queen Elizabeth!” Now that you have read this what do you think of Monarchs?

In the defence, there are some good reasons why Monarchs are good for some countries like it honor centuries of old traditions and they are in that state to promote their own country. Like some Kings and Queens steer their countries to hope and confidence but other than that I still don't think they’re a good form of Government.

So In Conclusion In my opinion Monarchy should be abolished towards the reason I have given the readers of this persuasive essay and that Having a Monarchy is a bad form of the government of the chosen country but others can have their own opinion.

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