Reasons Why Mandatory Life Skills Should be Taught in School

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“Teaching kids how to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best”, said Bob Talbert, an American politician from Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Nowadays some institutions understand that life skills should be taught in school as well as traditional subjects but they are still not lessening the importance of those traditional subjects. Some people state that these kinds of lessons prepare students better for life in the real world, whereas others argue that it is not necessary. Schools should start making life skill classes mandatory to graduate high school because they will learn some financial and social skills which will benefit them a lot as they mature and begin to be adults. 

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Certainly, schools should be able to prepare students for adult life; some skills for instance are financial skills such as budget planning and saving money are mandatory to avoid falling into debt, perusing that further, the way new college students think should be changed; by making it mandatory for kids to graduate high school with a credit completed in a life skill class. Students should first learn how to set budgets and manage their money, to demonstrate, that when a young adult has the ability or skill of managing money, one will be able to run any kind of business and can also have the ability to think wisely and save money for the future, in addition when they develop financial skills they will have the ability to pay taxes, buy a house, buy a car, and keep a saving account. All of that and more can happen just by giving students an hour of life skill classes every once a week. 

If schools make life skill classes mandatory, there would be more street smart kind going to college not clueless about how to survive on their own, consequently, life skills can teach students social skills like how to bond with other people and society also they will be able to fulfill marriages responsibilities, how to be responsible, and how to raise kids and so on. This class can further push their understanding of the reasoning behind the school. Many kids grow up afraid to speak, and when it’s time for them to say something, they freeze. These life skills are also called ‘character education’ because they teach kids how to build their character and be able to socialize and speak what’s on their minds. On the other hand, some people argue that there is no time for extra subjects at school and that life skills should be learned at home. There’s no doubt that students already have a lot of subjects to handle already and students have also learned life skills while studying traditional subjects, especially teamwork and time management but what about the other skills like communicating, perspective talking, and self-control; even though students already have a lot of subjects, life skill classes can only take one hour every once a week which will not replace any traditional subject or take any more of students time. 

To sum up, all schools should teach life skills. It would not require too much extra work because there is no need to teach them separately from conventional subjects. This will make sure that students leave school better prepared for university and work. 

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