Positive And Negative Impacts Of Increased Gas Prices In The U.s.

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In 1929, our nation suffered throughout what we call, The Great Depression. This lead an influnctuation throughout the world, creating gas prices to increase. Gas prices have recently changed massively all around our society; making no other option but to consume the gas, for it is our transportation. However, the gas prices increasing has lead for people to purchase gas saving and electric cars, it has made better and healthier transportations for people, there are reasons for these gas prices to additive.

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High prices have caused people to choose a cheaper and healthier way for transportation, for example riding a bike, walking to the subway, or even walking and running in general. Drivers are influenced to drive safely, driving slow causes to conserve gas than when you are driving fast to get to your destination.

According to the U.S. there is at least one fatal crash every hour including a study showing that there was an increase in prices by 20 percent that has caused over 2,000 fewer accidents resulting to deaths per year. Not to mention, drunk drivers do not get behind the wheel. Energy workers in the industry will be getting more pay in the future, the petroleum institute conclude that the number of jobs will increase by 1.3 million.

Plenty of states also derive benefits, when prices are high, workers conceive a lot of money, enough to be able to put back in to the economy. Alaska and Texas, oil industry takes center stage, high gas prices keep everything running smoothly for the company. Investors profit off of High gas prices. Investing in energy stocks can provide some superb returns when you buy oil prices when they are low. You can start off with a low amount of money to get your hands on decent picks for $5 or less. Inflation is an approach that mostly people are familiar with. But deflation is something you may never heard of. Essentially, it is a relentless descending spiral in the price of goods and services.

It is a good thought at first, but for plenty of reasons it can have an overwhelming impact on the economy. For example, when people await prices to decrease, they will not want to spend as much. Energy prices are influenced the cost of the goods we buy, it has a deep repercussion on deflation. If the prices remain high, deflation isn't able to cause devastation on someone's finances.

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