Reasons Why We Should Quit Using Gas

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  2. Gas prices
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Cover Letter

As a concerned citizen I believe that there is a crisis coming that everyone should be worried about. Which is gas and how its only a matter of time before it runs out for good and the effect of rising gas prices. My argument for this problem is that there are many different resources we could use instead of oil based resources that would more beneficial for us and the environment. For example there are electric engines that exist right now that could power more things than gas ones could and that are clean and more efficient. These engines could probably be mass produce right now but if they were all of the oil and gas companies would be losing out on a lot of business. And it's not just gas we should get away from but all natural resources like coal and natural gas.

Gas prices

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The price it cost to fill up your tank of gas is something that affects everyone in today’s society. Sooner or later in everybody's lives, we are influenced by the rising gas costs in the present economy. Many people often complain when gas prices are too high but they don’t quite seem to know why they are so high. Oil is definitely not a sustainable asset, since there is a fixed measure of it beneath the earth. In any case, numerous people convey the confusion that there is an exceptionally restricted measure of oil, and that we may go through every last bit of it. Which is true but it would probably not happen today or any time soon. There are many reasons why gas prices would rise and most of the have nothing to do with shortages. In reality rising gas prices are often due to stuff like inflation, rising oil prices, cost to produce and refine oil, trade disagreements and many other things.

Events like this have happened before for example in the 1970s there was an embargo imposed on the United States by OPEC because they had supplied weapons to Israel. This decision proved to be crushing for the United States as it experienced gas prices rising to record highs and gas shortages all around the country. It also didn’t help that in 1973-1974 there was a stock market crash which meant people didn’t really have money to be spending any way. Pictured in documentaries about this crisis there was a line of cars outside of a gas station waiting to get gas and the gas station ran out of gas in like 30 mins. Despite all of this some oil rich states benefit massively when gas and oil prices skyrocketed they are making more money for the same product they always had. Another example of why gas prices are rising is inflation you can tell inflation has taken its toll on gas prices because in the 40s and 50s gas was at like 50 cents a gallon. The reason for the inflation is do to the fact that there are more people who have cars today which in turn means more gas is needed and prices have risen do to the excess demand. Gas prices could also rise do to competition between oil companies to push their product by lowering prices on purpose. These lower prices might be great for a while until a company goes out of business because they can’t sell oil for the same price. This would then cause oil prices to rise because there is one less company producing oil which means there is less oil.

There are many ways to avoid this pain in your wallet at the pump. One way would be to get a hybrid or electric car. These cars use batteries which are charged with electricity. Electricity is also a way cheaper alternative to gas the average cost per year to charge an electric car is like 600 dollars which could save you tons of money and you could avoid the pump entirely. The price for electricity is also a lot more stable than oil prices which tend to fluctuate often. Electric cars are also more eco-friendly than gas guzzling cars because they release less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These type of cars are the future of transportation and many car companies know this which is why they are switching to manufacturing more and more electric cars. Of course even with all these advantages there are still some disadvantages to electric cars.

Electric cars are limited as to the distance that they can be driven before complete battery failure. Electric cars cannot, accelerate, or climb fast enough to compete with oil powered automobiles and accessories without draining the battery even further. Generally electric cars are created by replacing the fuel tank and combustion engine of a regular car with electric motors which are much heavier the result is a heavier and less efficient car than a single gas guzzling car. Electric cars are more expensive because the only the companies who made the cars can replace parts on it which is a very costly and slow process. Electric cars also do indirectly put out pollution into the atmosphere because the companies that produce the electricity are burning fossil fuels such as oil, to make the electricity to power the cars.

Despite all of this electric cars are still a fairly new technology with a lot of room for improvements. There are many more options for traditional gasoline vehicles with nearly a century since production started it’s no wonder gas powered automobiles are more advanced for now. Each company has several choices, depending on what color and model of automobile the consumer wants while there is only very few electric cars to choose from. Many automakers are Swaying towards electric vehicles from their normal gas powered autos and for good reason. For example, now electric batteries cost less to produce and hold more juice. Electric cars are also predict to cost less than gas guzzling cars in the future as many manufacturers are producing more and more electric vehicles. Many countries nowadays are supporting the rise of the electric car by giving incentives to companies who produce them. This generation is also all for environmental change as you can tell by the recent protests in Europe as younger people are fighting for a more environmentally conscious society.


Although crude oil is still the king of fueling transportation it may be dethroned very soon by rising popularity of electric vehicles. People seem to view gas prices as something bad, but in reality this pressures manufacturers to improve to meet the demands for cars that go much further for much less. Some companies are even pressured to create a whole now produce like electric cars to make up for high gas prices. So in the end high gas prices may be bad right now but they are actually a great motivation for pushing innovation. Innovation which could stop the use of gasoline powered cars entirely.

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