Personal Dignity And Integrity As The Core Of Personal Values

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‘The standard of being honest and possessing powerful personal values’ is the vocabulary term of integrity. In my view, terms were never useful for anything except for composing papers. Integrity is a person’s way of existence. Every day we confront decisions in life that we have to respond. We dictate how we live our own life, and we are defined by the manner we operate them. Integrity does the correct thing as opposed to the incorrect thing. People can have their integrity, their dignity, if nothing else. It’s something to some individuals that implies a bunch and then nothing to others. The good people in this world are the ones who highly value their integrity, and the opposite is true for those who do not appreciate their integrity. Ultimately, before they become helpful, we need to incorporate these terms into our life.

I’d go one stage further with the concept of integrity: it’s the value of being honest when no one looks and getting powerful personal values when you’re the only one that holds you responsible. What does accountability imply? The Dictionary of Webster describes ‘accountable’ as ‘according to reporting, explaining or justifying; accountable or responsible. I think accountability is seen as a result of bad results, and it’s a rule that you should be afraid of, because it can only hurt you. After all, when events sail nicely along, individuals usually wonder ‘who is responsible for this achievement?’ You can almost guide your destiny if you suppose complete responsibility and accountability for your ideas, deeds, emotions, and outcomes. 

Otherwise, somebody else’s going to. To me, the true importance of accountability or integrity derives from the capacity to impact results even before they occur. If we were to be more accountable for our actions and think about the consequences we might have, we would all have done something to change a mistake while also trying to influence our fellows to do the same. I believe you’re in a culture of accountability in the army, acknowledging our errors and particularly knowing from them is critical for us in our lives and the Navy. It does not imply that you as a human being are approaching completion, but that you can trust words and deeds. Do the correct things. If others describe you as an honest individual, would it also result in you having a strong personality? Yes, definitely. It requires the bravery to do the correct task, regardless of the implications. It requires years to build notoriety for integrity, but it only lasts a second to lose, so never enable yourself to do anything that would harm your integrity. We live in a world where there is almost enough talk of integrity. Now think about groups of individuals who are assumed to have integrity. Judges, professors, members of the army and politicians come to mind. True, we can refer to instances of dishonest, immoral, and perhaps even criminal conduct in each of the previous groups. Like any group— business, politics, sports, education, journalism, etc.— we don’t have to look far and wide to find comparable deficiencies. Misbehaving is our human nature.

In conclusion, integrity relates to consistency, sincerity and Where individuals are socially correct. Those who maintain integrity are straight when faced with moral dilemmas in private lives or just in general, and will not use dishonesty to get stuff accomplished.

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