My Personal Responsibility: Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

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First of all, I have a personal responsibility to know who I am, what I can do and what I want in my life. What's going to help me set my goals, know the strategies I'm going to use, and know how to fight for my goals. I'm a web developer but being a web developer is a long-term goal before I'm a web developer I have short-term goals to be an independent girl who can direct me. I will also use GPS setting goals, following strategies, and shifting gears where I need to set goals, strategies, and adjust when needed. Unfortunately, by setting SMART goals, I will use GPS and before I achieve my long-term goals, there are the skills needed to achieve my long-term goals, the strength will help me complete my studies.

Firstly, the goal will be SMART as specific because I've already set what I'm going to do, my goals are to be a web developer, as a measure of being a web developer, I have to be active in class when I'm studying IT and I have to be good at IT, I have to be keen on everything I'm talking about, like competition or surveys on our campus, I have to ask and seek help when it's needed, when I'm already doing my job. I'm going to know I can do it. Realistically, I'm going to be honest with myself, where I'm not going to lie because I do something without understanding it or I'm able to do anything without that ability, besides, I'm not going to have to conquer the obstacles I'm going to have to overcome, I'm going to have to be a student, I'm going to have to work as a volunteer in the IT division of our campus, I'm going to have to force myself when it seems like that. For realistic, I'll continue to study IT after that, I'll pursue internship about web developer and after that I'll try to seek link of web developer experts and after I'll seek a job. The time limited, I'll give my self-time for my goals deadline and I'll never keep pushing to target, I might reach some day.

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Sadly, I need strength to support me in my studies, but I don't think I need to be a super hero with super powers, because I think everyone has their own strength. In reality, recognizing my natural abilities, talents, and strengths makes tasks like good eye-hand coordination, thinking skills or understanding knowledge feel almost effortless. Over time, additional strengths can be developed and improved, such as learning to solve daily problems. Skills also require some form of education and training, the idea is that throughout my life I can continue to learn and develop my skills.

My goals were related to my main information system because all it asks is to be educated about IT and I'm already selecting IT to guide me in my development goals. Furthermore, it's linked to my goals because in IT we have a course called a website that teaches us to be an expert in creating a website that will direct me when I'm on my way to achieving my goals. Therefore, the analysis of IT means That I'm already accomplishing my first step before I was afraid of IT, but I learned that if you're afraid of anything you've got to face, it's all possible, if you believe it.

Nevertheless, I have to reveal my personal responsibility here at Akilah as long as I'm still here at Akilah, I have to concentrate on my studies, submit work or assignment on time, and also contemplate what's essential to help me achieve my goals while I'm still here at Akilah, using my time as the most important thing to do to plan how I'm going to study hard to achieve my goals. According to the actions I have to disclose on putting effort into what I do when I'm here at Akilah, it's also to use my time as the most important things including sending assignments on time, attending every class, going to the meeting while it's being written, all these things will help me fulfill my personal responsibilities for everything I do at Akilah that will benefit me in the future When I begin to set my goals in action. And I also need to continue my good behavior to do everything on time and work hard so incentives won't come and knock on my door.

However, there are some possible implementation issues related to my future goals, such as lack of proper planning, if I fail to plan properly or support the professional person linked to my goals, I can't achieve my goal, additional problem is lack of communication, if I don't have the skills of a good communicator, I can fail to achieve my goals because I need to communicate with people who have the same ambitions as mine and who have positive achievements as well. In comparison, there is some way out of this issue, such as using the social and leadership skills that I get here at Akilah, another way is to get feedback from people who are good at managing business. Therefore, I have to use the forms I obtain from Akilah and I have to take advantage of the opportunities outside the canvas, because from the moment I met Akilah, I realized the opportunities are not in the canvas.

To sum up, a girl with IT developer aspirations, I'm not going to have to rely on others like I'm beggars, I'm going to seek help if needed, but before I fight for myself. I can tell everyone, especially women, that being independent is the key to achieving all our goals, that you can be independent with your abilities, that it asks you to believe in yourself and work hard to achieve it, Let's battle with our independents, the rest will come as you will, let's not lie to ourselves, let's know there's no time to find you, you're the one to fight for the chance. In life without ambitions, however, life means nothing we can do together. 

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