My Intent To Develop And Improve My It Skills

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My goal is to provide my thoughts and opinions on various topics and cases relating to IT. My hobbies tend to all relate back to computers and their practical applications. I’ve always had an interest in coding, programming and software development but have never pushed myself to follow this interest. I now intend to develop and improve my IT skills in order to pursue a degree and subsequent career in Computer Science. I find Computer Science to be very appealing due to the fact that it is a broad field which provides the chance to specialize and progress in different areas. I personally want to work as either a Computer Programmer or Software Developer. These two jobs are quite similar and have a lot of responsibilities and tasks that overlap, however there are some key differences. Computer programmers are responsible for compiling and writing the code that allows computer applications to run efficiently. This requires expertise in programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, and etc. Software developers on the other hand create and maintain computer programs which let systems run tasks. This also requires expertise in the aforementioned programming languages. As such I intend to familiarize myself with these. I missed the first three days of my course due to being ill, which was not how I intended to start my course at all because it not only put me behind the class in terms of work, but I also felt alienated as I was not aware of assignments, topics covered and the course in general.

Overall I’m very pleased by the teaching methods and course content as I feel it allows me to work independently but still provides me with the right support. My learning style leans heavily towards a Visual Learner which means that I rely on images and spatial understanding to process and retain information. Knowing this, I’ll be sure to use a personalized revision method that works to my strengths and helps me achieve the results that I want to. An example of this would be colour coding common themes in my notes and reading material. This will help me associate the theme to a colour and help me remember it later on.

As mentioned briefly in the first paragraph, I intend to learn various programming languages and master them sufficiently. I will do this by not only reading textbooks and other online resources made for beginners, but also use different free online platforms like Codecademy. I’m already familiar with the reference style and citation requirements, but am looking forward to improving some crucial skills such as researching, analysing text and critical thinking. I’m excited for the Enhancement Wednesday arrangements, especially the “MOS / Intro to Hardware and Software” sessions, which I’ve been told provides me with a certificate that will prove to be useful later on. That pretty much sums everything about me up. Now on to our interesting topic: artificial intelligence, to be more precise, machine learning. Machine learning is an exciting and brand-new branch of technology that’s been made possible due to new computing advancements. It would be an understatement to say that machine learning will play a pivotal role in the near future. But let’s take it a step at a time and first ask “what is machine learning?” In very laymen terms, machine learning is essentially the practice of making computers learn and behave like humans and eventually learn and adapt on their own without being programmed. It goes without saying that having computers, whose processing power and physical properties far exceed our own, be able to make decisions and solve problems like us would lay the foundation for a lot of innovation. The next logical question would be “how is this achieved?”

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