Mojang And Their History Of Game Development

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Mojang is a Swedish indie-game company. They create different games for people around the world to play. All of their great games are big hits, especially their biggest game, Minecraft.

Markus Persson is the founder of Mojang. He came up with the games Mojang has created ever since 2010. He was born on June 1, 1979 to a Swedish father and a Finnish mother in Stockholm, Sweden. He likes to be called “Notch”, his Minecraft username. Markus created his first game when he was eight. It was a text-based adventure game. As he got older, he worked for even more gaming companies.

In 2005, he worked as a game developer for He worked there for 4.5 years and then he joined as a programmer for Jalbum. In September of 2010, he founded Mojang, along with one other man named Jacob Porsér. The first game that was developed by them was Minecraft. It is their biggest game and it is the best out of all of the games they created. Ever since it was created, people would go on their accounts and play all day long. There are more than 10,000,000 people who bought the game and the number keeps on increasing!

The next game Notch and all of his new employees, including the main programmer for Minecraft, Jens Bergensten, developed 3 more games from late 2010 to early 2012. Those games were Scrolls, Cobalt, and 0x10ᶜ. Those games also were big hits, but Minecraft was the biggest and greatest.

Minecraft was the first game Mojang has created in late 2010. They created the game first for the computer, then for cell phones, then finally for Xbox 360. The computer version has more things than the others. It is a game where you can choose from 2 game modes to play in, survival and creative mode. Survival mode is where you must find resources and fight off monsters at night. You must build some sort of house or any place of protection to survive. You do not have unlimited resources to use to build anything you want. You must mine, cut down trees, make farms, find abandoned mineshafts, and defend yourself. Creative mode is where you can fly, break blocks instantly, and have unlimited blocks and other resources to use. You can show off your creativity with all of the blocks there are.

You can choose from single-player and multi-player mode. In single player, only you can play on the world you can create. In a recent update, if a friend or family member is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you, the world can be opened to LAN so that person can join your world. In multi-player, you can find servers online and type in the server ip so you can join and play with anyone that is on. You can also make your own server. Plug-ins that you can add to your server can change the format of it. There are different commands you can type in the chat log like /sethome where you can set the place you are standing as your home and if you type /home or you die you automatically come to where you set the home. There are different commands and tools that you can add to your server.

One plug-in, World Edit, allows you to take out a wooden axe that is part of the game and click on two locations and type in a command that covers the whole area with the block of your choice. Many people set up server for capture the flag games and some set up servers so you can just build anything you want on a flat land.

Redstone circuitry is also a big part of Minecraft. You can use different items like redstone repeaters, hoppers, pistons, etc to make a lot of different things. There are command blocks which you can type in a certain command and when it is wired to a lever, button, or pressure plate, it does that command to you. Many map creators like Hypixel uses a lot of his imagination and redstone knowledge to make customized maps for people to play and download. Many famous people on YouTube display these maps and play them. It just makes more and more people want to buy the game.

There are many realistic features in Minecraft like hunting, lumberjacking, mining, smelting, farming, and crafting. There are also some unrealistic features that make the game even more fun. Monsters, in-game commands, different dimensions, and some of the items and blocks in the game. Most people buy this game because of all of these features.

There are also different textures you can add to the game to make it look different. You can download them to your computer and add them to your game. Mods are also a huge part of Minecraft. You can add them to the game so there are more things to create or do in the game. There are mods where there are different explosives that you can detonate.

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The Technic Pack is like Minecraft but it has different mods added to the game. It includes Tekkit Lite, Tekkit Classic, Hack/Mine, Voltz, Yogbox, and other mods that you can actually bring to the game and play it. Most of the mods include different blocks, weapons, machines, monsters, and magical items. Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Lite is almost the same thing but Tekkit Classic is an older version of Minecraft and it has more items than Tekkit Lite. Tekkit Lite is one version before the latest version of Minecraft. Hack/Mine includes different weapons and monsters. There are towers and underground dungeons that you can explore and fight off customized monsters. Voltz is like a military pack. It includes many blast-proof blocks, weapons, missiles, and different machines like EMP systems, battery boxes, and solar generators. Yogbox includes all of the Yogscasts’ favorite mods they have used. The Yogscast is a gaming channel on YouTube who play many games, including Minecraft.

There are two different dimensions in the game that you can go into and do specific things. The Nether dimension is like a hellish dimension where there are different monsters, lava pouring everywhere, and fortresses that you can discover. The other dimension, The End, is like you are on the moon. There are two monsters in that dimension and pillars used to kill one of the monsters, the Ender dragon. If you slay the Ender dragon, you win the game. The credits come on the screen and you end up where you first generated in your world. You get into these dimensions using portals. The Nether portal is easier to make than the End portal which is found underground. It is very rare and most people have to go out using a certain item until they find it.

Mojang started to make more games for people to play. Their new employees and technology helped them to achieve this goal by creating 3 new games, Scrolls, Cobalt, and 0x10ᶜ. They assisted in the development of Cobalt with a company called Oxeye Game Studio. These 3 games are great games and a lot of people around the world play and compete in these games.

The second game Mojang created, Scrolls, is an online game where you create your own army and compete with other people around the world against their army. There are many different characters and items you can use to compete and win the fight.

The third game Mojang has helped with is Cobalt. A gaming company called Oxeye Game Studio has developed the game but Mojang has helped out with the creation of the game. It is a game full of different actions, equipment, and adventures that you can choose from. You have a robot and when it is under attack by grenades or boomerangs, you can slow down time and use different moves that will defeat the enemies.

After the creation of Cobalt, they make 0x10ᶜ. This game is a sandbox game which means there are almost infinite things you can do or create. It is also a Sci-Fi game and Mojang is still updating the game to make it grow better.

Mojam 2013 is an annual charity competition where 6 gaming companies must make a game in 60 hours. The companies who competed were Mojang, which had to make 4 games in 60 hours instead of just one like the others, Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlamber, and Wolfire Games.

Every company made their games in less than 60 hours. Mojang created Endless Nuclear Kittens, Nuclear Pizza War, Battle Frogs, and Nuke the Dinosaurs. Grapefrukt created Tektonik, Ludosity created Space Hunk, Oxeye Game Studio created 3918, Vlamber created Wasteland Kings, and Wolfire Games created Low-Light. All these games were up for download for anyone who donated to Mojang for charity. Mojang raided 478 thousand dollars for charity after this competition. They let people who did not donate during the competition still donate for another week after it was done. Every game had a huge amount of downloads and everyone who got it enjoyed their time to play the game.

Notch competed in a lot of different charity competitions in different games. He and Jens host the annual Minecon. They both talk about the game in front of a crowd of fans and get interviewed. Many Minecraft fans and celebrities come and play on different servers, create their own world, or compete in servers for a prize. There are also different props people can buy like swords, armor, or masks of some of the monsters in Minecraft. People who go to Minecon usually record their time there and post it on YouTube. Also, you receive a special cape for the character you choose on Minecraft. Many of the celebrities can meet Notch in a little meeting room and talk to him about the game or anything you can think of. Notch competed in a charity competition in the game Team Fortress 2 which was created by Valve.

It is a cartoon game with different sets of weapons, maps, and game types to play on. You can also create your own server for people to play. One server that people create is called Prop Hunt where one team is a certain prop in the map and they must camouflage with the map. The other team has either a flamethrower or a shotgun and they must find the props by shooting everything that looks suspicious. You can also hop very high with the hunting team but you loose health in the process. The game is timed and if the props are not found in that time limit, they win.

Notch goes on a server with many celebrities from YouTube and plays on different teams and competes with the other players in the game. The game play gets recorded and posted on YouTube for everyone to watch. The money donated while playing in the game goes to charity.Mojang is still creating more games for the world to play and they keep updating their other games. They recently updated Minecraft and added things that go along with redstone circuitry. Many people post creations with the new items from the update on YouTube or other websites. They also post short videos about the circuitry and how to use it. People are hoping for a new and great game to play and enjoy.

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