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Max Weber and the Iron Cage of Bureaucracy

The technological and scientific advances of history are said to have been the prime motivators for the change from traditional to modern day society, but German sociologist Max Weber argued that it was rather a shift of ideas that drove this change. In feudal society,...

Max Weber and His Views on Capitalism in Europe

In this essay, I will discuss Weber’s thoughts in relation to medieval legal systems across the globe, and how the law has developed alongside the dimensions of polity, economics and aspects of society. I will draw attention to legal issues which have developed through modernity,...

Have Protestant Religion Impacted the Economy

In 1905, German sociologist Max Weber wrote “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” which studied the correlation between the Protestant religion, and the emergence of capitalism or in this case the industrial development in north-western Europe. This study brought up many questions, with...

The Authoritarian Path to Industrialization 

While political theorists like Max Weber and Crude Dependency theorists were largely pessimistic about the development prospects for late developers, Country X's development story has established a base for an alternative argument (Weber, Grosfoguel). Country X's journey from having half the GDP per capita as...

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