Main Characteristics of HRM Codifying Model in Dell Technologies

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Dell Technologies, a multination computer infrastructure and software technology company, was founded in 1984 with headquarter located in Texas, United States. The total number of team members is approximately 157,000 and its revenue reaches USD 91.3 billion in 2019 (Dell Technologies, 2019). The company has been ranked as number 34 on Fortune 500 generates USD 45.2 billion of market capitals (Forbe, 2019). Starting in 2000, Dell began the “Soul of Dell” initiative to redefine their values and beliefs on emphasizes teamwork, commits to meritocracy, ethics, customer relationships, and global citizenship. In this case study, we will focus on justifying the main characteristics of the HRM codifying model which is adopted dominantly by Dell.

HR model was strongly reinforced by codification since managements reform their core values to drive business success in 2002. Performance Appraisal in an intrinsic part of the codifying culture. Dell’s leaders of different departments based on analytical and metric measurements to set improvement goals for their teams. Every manager’s appraisal is based on improvements scores against the goal set for the team and employees’ pre-defined goals are job-specific. The company has transformed the annual performance review system into an instant performance management system in 2017 (Dell Technologies, 2017). Rating scale is standardized and feedbacks, measurable progress, assessments of performance, and complaints are accessible throughout the year continuous instead of waiting once a year for negotiations. Quantitative planning on the recruitment process is based on meritocracy. They hire and promote based on performance, capability and qualifications as key criteria. To simplify the process of high-volume of hiring, Dell is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to match qualifications and job criteria through the employment-oriented network platforms like Linked-in and Monster (Dell Technologies, 2019). The method on the traditional job advertisement, online search or tech-based recruitment agencies is now changing to a new era. Job classification assignments across all regions are utilized to build global leadership capability. Their compensational scheme is based on salary with profit-based bonus systems and benefit programs are competitive with other successful companies in the market.

In spite of regulated shifts and overtime policies in productions, call centers, technical supporting teams and assembly lines, Dell’s traditional workspace is rapidly changing. Dell's vision for the future is founded in enabling its team members to be their best and do their best work out of standard business hours, through a flexible approach to collaborate work (Forbes, 2017). Dell applies a set of explicit rules and standardize compensation and benefits packages for B2B sellers and partners. Their supplier online registration systems and partner portal provide a platform for sellers and partners to participate in different programs, deal registrations, promotions and knowledge-based systems to support their clients. Packages diversity is based on partners’ performance and professional skills acquired to sell special technological solutions or infrastructure equipment.

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