Life of a Woman with a Big Heart, Audrey Hepburn

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Cinema history is filled with stars created by the studio system. Controlled, molded to fit, and trained, these performers often became much more than originally met the eye. Many had natural talent, some only beauty and other performers had charm. It was extremely rare for a performer who, against all odds of what a star should be or look like, went against the status quo by becoming nothing then the person they were already were.

Audrey Hepburn was the definition of this truth. The importance of being Audrey, by David Wills clearly states how Audrey influenced Hollywood’s view of women in the glamour era, “Audrey revolutionized movie glamour with an understated allure that had never been seen on-screen before. Not an actress of the chameleon variety, she relied on innate gifts, undiluted by specific training. She maneuvered sleekly within a narrow range, her fashion-model perfection never completely submerged. Audrey's unique appearance—the short hair, the slender frame and petite bosom, the long neck, the prominent brow, the strong jawline, and the irregular smile—set her apart; the cadence of her voice, with its velvet tones and tip-of-the-tongue enunciation, made for an unmistakable accompaniment that continues to melt hearts.”Audrey Hepburn was a British celebrity icon who is timeless and known for her legacy which includes her beauty, fashion, films, and her humanitarian efforts to aid children.

Her original name was Audrey Kathleen Ruston. She was born on May 4,1929 in Brussels, Belgium. Her parents were J.A Hepburn-Ruston and Baroness Ella van Heemstra. Her father’s occupation was banking, he left his family when Audrey was only eight years old. Hepburn had gone to a school in England, about the time when the Nazi’s invaded Poland in World War Two. Because of the war, Audrey’s mother thought it would be best if they went to Holland to live with other family members. They were not safer there, the Germans invaded Holland and many of the Hepburns family members were killed in the process, because of this her and her mother continued to struggle financially. Even though her and her mother struggled to stay alive, Audrey still somehow attended school and ballet lessons. Her mother changed Audrey’s name to keep her safer to Edda Van Heemstra. Audrey always was a bright soul during the War, she would perform in the streets to help to raise morale and money for the soldiers. Audrey and her mother moved to England after the war and she still was pursing dance as a career. When Audrey was living in England, she was cast in some small roles on stage and in films.

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Audrey Hepburn was discovered in 1952, by Colette, a French novelist in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Colette casted Audrey to be the lead role in the Broadway production of her novel Gigi. Audrey was worried about her experience, or lack of it in the beginning, but the reviews from the play were surprisingly really good. Not only did she win an award for her work in Gigi. It had also brought attention from Hollywood, because of her work in Gigi she was given a main role in Paramount Studio’s Roman Holiday, with her well known costar Gregory Peck. In the movie, Hepburn plays a princess who takes a vacation to Rome (her 'Roman Holiday') and does her best to dodge her handlers and have some fun, mean while she falls in love with a reporter who happens to be wanting to write a story about her, but he also falls in love with her in the process. At the end they both admit their love but still go their separate ways back to their lives and responsibilities. After Roman Holiday, Audrey became an actor high wanted by other directors. Audrey Hepburn had many highlights of her career. Besides Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffanys is one the main highlights of her career. This movie not only made her even more well known in the acting industry. It opened a door not only to the fashion industry but more specifically to designer fashion. This movie was a turning point for Audrey Hepburn, at this point she became an Icon. Givenchy outfits were being worn by Audrey through out the film. After this Audrey Hepburn became the face of Givenchy, and has been the iconic face for many years until very recently Ariana Grande became the new face of Givenchy. Ariana Grande payed tribute to Audrey by wearing a very similar outfit in her campaign recreating the famous “little black dress”. So you can see how Audrey Hepburn made an impact on the Givenchy dress and the Ariana Grande Givenchy Campaign. Audrey Hepburn was not only a great actress, singer, and dancer, she had a pure heart and good intentions.

When Audrey settled down and had children, she didn’t change she always had a good heart put she finally put what was in heart into action. I think having her own kids not only motivated her but inspired her to become apart of something positive that was bigger than. herself. Hepburn became part of the UNICEF, a international children’s relief organization. She actually became at the organizations good will ambassador representative. Hepburn was very hands on in the organization, she often traveled on their behalf to many places, like Somalia. Even though Audrey had passed away, she was given the Screen Actors Guild award for lifetime achievement. Audrey was extremely humble and when asked about her life’s work she did not mention all the grits and glamour she was involved in, but she would say raising her family or being apart of the UNICEF.

Audrey had many negative and sad experiences in her lifetime. At a very young age her father left her and her mom, and they did not have much after he left them. Audrey had to grow up through a very traumatic war that we know as World War Two. She had many relative deaths growing up and even her brother was taken to a labor camp during thew war. Her mother had to in a sense change Audrey’s identity in a sense by changing her name to keep her safer. Also during the war and because of lack of resources available to her family at that time, Audrey often didn’t eat for days and suffered causing health issues because of her malnourishment. When Audrey was training and doing ballet she was body shamed and told her body type was too small and fragile for ballet. This was an effect from her health issues she suffered. Also when she grew and got married she suffered from many miscarriages through out her first marriage. I do believe she turned many of these negative experiences into positive things. Even though her childhood and teenager years were surrounded by the war she still choose to dance and go to school. When she was told she did not have the correct body type for ballet, she focused more on acting and that is how her career took off. I also through having those miscarriages and giving birth later to her children, that these events in her life softened her heart to other children. I think this is why she was so involved the UNICEF.

Even when Audrey left a early legacy compared to other actors and actresses, she still left a vivid cinematic footprint and her legacy for many generations to read, watch and hear about. The importance of being Audrey, by David Wills also focuses on Audrey’s influence not only on the cinema but also in everyday life.“

Today we see Audrey's influence everywhere—on the street, on the red carpet, and in the photo shoots of young Hollywood. As her films are universally available, she becomes more ubiquitous with each successive year—and devoted fans, both the loyal and an ever-increasing legion of the new, find themselves seeking out Audrey in the many celluloid treasures she gave as gifts to the world.”UNICEF probably remembers Audrey as their hardworking fairy godmother. Part of the legacy she left was her charity work, her kids, her fashion looks, her movies.

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