Liberal Self Improvement Vs. Fascist Self Mastery

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As the decayed edifice of modernity moves along on to its natural conclusion, more and more young men are finding their souls hollowed out inside. Thus they are seeking something more, therefore it’s no surprise that apparent inspirational figures like Jordan B Peterson are becoming more and more popular. Peterson, with his message of liberal self improvement appears to be an iconoclast going against the cult of hyper egalitarianism. But is Peterson really as revolutionary as he seems? Peterson promotes a message of self-improvement strengthening yourself against the storms is what he calls it, but what is it really that he is promoting? What Peterson is really promoting isn’t anything revolutionary but simply trying to prop up the existing order. What’s contrast this against a truly revolutionary counter-revolutionary ideal of the fascist ideal of self mastery?

The fastest ideal of self-mastery consists of first and foremost casting away the view of oneself as an atomized disconnected from history, as well as other boozgeois ideals, and instead seeing oneself as part of an ongoing continuum reaching back thousands of years and and taking 1000 years of of descendants into account. The liberal concept of ‘self improvement’ as promoted by Jordan Peterson, on the outside seems very much like what I would call the ‘fascistic’ concept of self mastery. It’s important to note that when I say liberal I don’t mean it in the contemporary sense where it’s just another synonym for leftist, but in the classical sense. Likewise, it’s equally important to note that when I say ‘fascistic’ I don’t mean fascism in colloquial usage of the term, which uses it as a synonym for bad, or authoritarian. Instead I mean it in the transcendent, the celebration of strength and beauty as found in tradition.

While the path may be similar, starting where you are and making incremental steps to becoming better, the destination is worlds apart. Peterson’s concept of self improvement is based on the atomized individual working to improve himself so that he might adapt of the world and happily find a place within the existing neo-liberal social and economic order. While the fascist concept of self mastery consists of dedicating oneself wholeheartedly to ideal in a never-ending process of becoming so that one might transcend the mindset of modern man and thus break free of the shackles of materialism. What does this mean, and why does it matter?

The goal of the liberal is to just acclimate themselves better for their environment, so that they might exist more successfully within the confines of the exist order, while the fascist seeks to master himself so that he become strong enough to play some part in the fall of the existing order. For the fascist, while it’s important to be successful in the existing order, after all how can one transcend it if one is unable to navigate inside it and thrive, success within the existing social order isn’t the goal, but just a necessary prerequisite for a greater goal.

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