Jackie Robinson's Impact on Challenging Segregation in Sports

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Throughout the United States during the 1940s and 1950s, racial segregation was a major problem in many states in which limited black people rights to participate in a variety of matters including sports, jobs, and schools., etc. When Jackie Robinson was first introduced into the league, racism was already a crucial issue in the league which eventually led to segregation between whites and other races. African Americans were one of the many races that were affected by this racial ideals. By the 1920s, African American players were only allowed to be participants in the Negro League. Negro Leagues were leagues established to prevent African Americans to participate in any minority or major league in which MLB had.

Often times Negro Leagues paid their players minimum wage which wasn’t enough for players to live off and support their families. Jackie Robinson also started first off playing in the Negro League but eventually climbed his way to the major league. Robinsonin which he fundamentally changed the American life by providing fundraising for the National Colored Associations, intensifying the Civil Rights Movement, and growing the number of colored people in sports.

During the 1940s and 1960s, Jackie Robinson was a major key factor to end of racial segregation in the United States due to his participation and contribution in the fundraising for the NAACP “Fight for Freedom” campaign in 1957. The NAACP “Fight for Freedom Fund” was a ten-year program whose objective was to raise money for a campaign to end segregation in the United States by January 1, 1963. January 1st was a date chosen due to the centennial anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Its goal was to persuade people all across the United States in support of the NAACP. According to the article, Cornerstones of Freedom by Andrew Santella, “Jackie Robinson also headed fundraising efforts for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

He helped to launch New York’s Freedom National Bank and to establish its reputation for fairness.” Giving this, through Jackie Robinson involvement in the NAACP, he was eventually elected to become the border director for the NAACP, his touring across the United States gained support and membership in aid of the fund. Nevertheless, he faced many anti-civil rights measures being taken in the South which prevented people from joining the campaign. Jackie Robinson’s role highly influenced the end of racial segregation in the United States by his involvement and engagement in many fundraising in support of the NAACP.

Leading into the Civil Rights Movement, Jackie Robinson changed the way in which people thought about racial segregation in the United States. On and off the field, Jackie Robinson was an activist and influencer who enhanced the Civil Right Movement during the 1950s and 1960s. During his time on the field, Jackie Robinson was faced with a series of insults and barrages due to his race. Like what? His way to handle abuse and threats allowed to inspire a generation of African Americans and many minority groups that helped pave the way for the Civil Right Movement. In the Article Jackie Robinson: The Best Kind of American Hero by Robert Begley, Robert emphasizes that, “Above all, think of him as the very symbol of flaming spirit on the ball field, the man who couldn’t be beaten because he wouldn’t be beaten, the man who burned and seethed and smoked with a desire to win.” The quote represent the symbolic meaning in which people thought about Jackie Robinson, his impact left many different morals in which is passed through Generations. However, Robinson finally broke his patience and political silence when he became an outspoken and controversial opponent of racial discrimination. This allowed upcoming activists that had the same political view about racial discrimination to be part of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Furthermore, Jackie Robinson opened the door to countless minority athletes that have thrived ever since the groundbreaking debut of him. When Jackie Robinson made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947, not only did he break the hateful barrier that existed in MLB against African-Americans, but he also opened the door to all minority players, especially Latin Americans. According to the article, Jackie Robinson’s legacy impacts sports for generations to come by Makenzie Schroeder, she quotes, “Without Robinson’s perseverance to make baseball an integrated sport, the game would never have seen such a positive and dramatic change.

His efforts to bring equality to sports cultivated the way for other great changes and more black athletes to pursue their dreams.” This quote explains Jackie Robinson’s involvement in the greater good for the United States will never be left behind. His tremendous impact on the nation will last for many upcoming generations. Since then, many minority athletes such as Latinos, blacks, and others have participated in Major Leagues in the United States after the impact that Jackie Robinson felt.

In contrast, racism in sports is still a major problem in today’s society. Many African American and Latinos are faced with many different insults on and off the field. Even though it was thought that racism was no longer a major conflict in sports or in just about anything, many African American players are still being harassed with many racial slurs. Recently, a famous soccer stadium called Montenegro stadium has been banned over racist abuse of England players. As stated in the USA Todaynews article by X person entitled “alksdfjalksdf” found in USA Today, “ Rose was among the black England players targeted with monkey noises by Montenegro supporters during a European Championship qualifier last month in Podgorica.”

As a result, the UEFA ordered Montenegro to play in an empty stadium for the June 7 home game against Kosovo and also fined the country’s soccer federation 20,000 euros ($22,000). Even in today’s society racism is still an very important topic in which it should be confronted in order to eliminate racism in sports.

In summary, due to the Jackie Robinson willingness, cooperation and dedication in fundraising for the National Colored Associations, intensifying the Civil Rights Movement, and growing the number of colored people in sports, racial discrimination and segregation is no longer an issue like it used to be during the 1900s. Jackie Robinson created an image that opened the door to a more diverse and multicultural community all across the United States giving people a common purpose. However, The United States as a whole is still crossed with boundaries of race, religion, and ethnicity which tolerates the misunderstandings and prejudice ideas about racism.

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