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Introduction To Shaivism And Its Main Practices, And Ideas

Hinduism can be divided into three major sects, Brahminism worshiping Brahmin, Vaishnavism devoted to Vishnu, and Shaivism orientated towards Lord Shiva. While these three sects maintain their own beliefs and principles, followers recognize and worship these three deities as apart of Holy Trimurti. In that...

Origins And History Of Indian Society And Culture

Colonialism India is one of the most countries during the British imperialism of colonial states. European conquest were driven by conquest and trade through foreign lands in search of wealth and prosperity for the motherland. Trading rivalries among European powers have concluded upon the dominance...

Indus Valley Civilization'S Cultural Heritage

Cultural continuity is the transmission of cultural heritage, tradition, customs and values in a society across time. It is the idea of the repetition of patterns of thinking and behavior over a long period of time. It builds a connection between the past and the...

Social Classification in the Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus River Valley Civilization was based in 3300 until 1300 BC. On the territory of modern day Pakistan and North West India south of the Himalayan Mountains, east of the Pakistan Highlands, west of the Thar Desert, and around the Indus River. One of...

The Legacy and Language of Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization was the first urban based society in India. It was a Bronze Age society that extended from modern Afghanistan to Pakistan and northwest India. The height of the city was through 2600-1900 BCE, and it approximate existence was from 3300-1300 BCE....

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