Improving Stress Management of Americans and Exploring Sources of Stress

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Corporate Structure and Climate Cantor (1983), discussing the impact of change on [American] managers, argues that change is viewed as a threat: “They feel the threat of change in a world marked by mercy or turmoil, uncertainty. And instability, not only their comfort, but their success depends on | Most 11 players cannot be influenced at all. 'Cox (1993) comments that the literature does not clarify whether the change in stress is harmful to stress or health and well-being or' its stressful nature. ' Because of the uncertainty and lack of control that it often represents. ”Winkfield (1995) surveyed 1231 people about changes in job attitudes. 57% agreed that if they 'knew what was going on' they could cope with the changes.

Stress Management in Cranwell Ward (1995) found that only 12% of UK companies have a stress management program, but 90% “consider the mental health of their employees as essential to their competitive position.” Murphy (1988) Stress Prevention Activities in Organizations It identifies three levels. The primary level activities are aimed at reducing stress, managing the secondary level of stress, and the tertiary level aims to deal with the effects of stress through employee assistance programs [EAPs], counseling and welfare. Karasek and Thiorel (1990) firmly believe that reduction of vision is the most satisfactory option of all viewpoints. They are concerned about the 'working environment for other people' that some people with stress have habitually designed, many years ago, and that 'person-oriented intervention strategies' lead to 'blaming the victims' on industry and society. They believe that it is expensive. And hard to succeed in the long run. Their approach is “linking the causes of the environment and the root cause of the individual, but not the environmental cause as the initial cause.” In our research findings, it is not the demands of work but the organizational structure of the work. The most consistent role in the development of stress-related diseases. ”Cox (1993) agrees:“ Most stress management interventions are focused on the individual and are concerned with changing the employee as opposed to the work or work environment. ”And Thompson and McHugh (1990) are also concerned that“ the role of the organization in producing unhealthy systems and working conditions is neglected. We have systems that reinforce the self-attribution of stress and anxiety as personal problems rather than structural issues that need to be addressed. “The specific actions taken by management to reduce workplace stress are described above.

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Causes and Sources of Stress

Griffiths, Cox, and Stokes (1995) provide a generalized summary of the following terms: “There is much to be done in this regard. In fact, the last thought that should be taken with employers is that good management is stress management. '| Summary of Job Stress Presents difficulties in defining and measuring occupational stress. In the literature, the single word stress is used to refer to stress [causal factors] and [adverse reactions experienced by an individual]. When individuals are unable to cope with the demands they make or threaten their well-being, it is important to deal with them, and when they become anxious or depressed, strain can occur. Stress is strongly associated with uncertainty, meaning that knowledge of an event or situation that requires action or resolution is inadequate. The measurement of stress and its strain as a consequence is largely based on self-reporting and subjective opinion. This has been identified as a weakness, but it is considered by some leading researchers. The strain is involved in a number of measurable health outcomes, including serious and life-threatening conditions. The exact nature of the correlation is not yet clear. Adverse somatic reactions are believed to have multiple causes, such as stress, individual risk, and the context in which stress-risk interactions occur. Decreasing the effectiveness of the immune system has been proposed as a mechanism that can cause health-negative consequences. Stress research has produced a number of parables. Seeley's General Adaptation Syndrome and the Yerks-Dodson Reverse-U provide models of stimulation and resistance that have contributed significantly to later developments. The work on life events [major events affecting people] is now not so high, and the basic stress that many employees face during their careers is believed to be acute and chronic. The present stress parameters are psychological and cognitive.

Meanwhile, transactional models focus on cognition, cognitive appraisal, and coping mechanisms, while interactive models focus on the degree of compatibility or incompatibility between the individual and his or her environment. The key elements of this interaction are the employee's attitude and capabilities, the size of the job demands, the size of the employee's needs, and the characteristics and environment of the job. Tension can occur when a person realizes that one or both of these dimensions have a poor fit. Inappropriate work patterns, such as excessive or low work stress, difficult or easy work, work shift, or night work, that may arise in the work environment.

Discussion and Findings

Stress is fundamental to human existence, but it is even more important how individuals develop their mental attitude toward stress. Stress is understood as an antidote to certain experiences, events and situations that occur in a person's life. Understanding and understanding a stressful situation depends on the mindset of the individual. Stress is positive and negative. When a person joins with the fortunate and good things of attending a prestigious university or getting a job promotion, he can certainly feel tension and happiness and satisfaction; This is expressed as positive stress. On the other hand, every person experiences some kind of negative, such as a health problem or a dispute with a friend, which can create a negative tension. There are sources of stress, such as the environment, social stress, physiological, and thoughts. When a person is depressed, he exhibits stress in his moods, behaviors, and thoughts and sometimes exhibits physical symptoms such as physical pain.

There are several ways that an individual can manage stress easily, such as blood pressure, prioritization, stressful situations, expectations, a healthy lifestyle, learning to accept change as part of life, and socializing. Network. The researcher has focused on work-related stress; How a person feels negative and positive stress when they are employed in an organization. A case study of small and medium enterprises has been published and the researcher has rationalized the concept of positive and negative stress by providing examples of case studies. How individuals feel positive and negative stress in their workplace and how they manage and cope with a stressful situation. Finally, individuals of all levels, whether it be self-employment, service, business, professionals, minority careers, domestic workers or students, can express positive thinking, control their anger, stay calm and develop their abilities. Work hard.

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