Methods of Stress Management and Coping with Stress

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Teaneck Township is located in Bergen Country, New Jersey State, with different attributes. The township had approximately 40,619 people, with 6,622.7 as the population per square mile, according to U.S. Census Bureau (2018). U.S. Census Bureau (2018) also indicates that more than half (51 percent) of the population involves female persons. Moreover, the majority (84%) of the population is made of persons under the age of 65, while 16 percent constitutes elderly persons. Approximately eight ethnic and racial groups live in Teaneck, with White and Black being the biggest and the smallest racial groups, respectively. In 2017, there were approximately 13,316 households in the Township, with 91 percent and 88 percent of these households having computer and access to the internet respectively. Most importantly, the livability of the community is also influenced by different attributes which may encourage or discourage healthy ways of coping with stress among residents. This research paper focuses on stress management resources in Teaneck, New Jersey, by evaluating the extent to which the community provides the stress reduction resources for its members. While the paper addresses at different resources in Teaneck which help residents to cope with stress in healthy ways, it looks at those attributes in the community that might result in unhealthy coping among its members. Eventually, the paper recommends ways to enhance the stress management resources for the residents in Teaneck Township.


This section emphasizes the research methodology utilized in carrying out the study. Two research methods were embraced while collecting the data. Essentially, primary data was gathered by doing a walking observation of the central part of Teaneck and taking notes as well as photographs of different attributes in the community that seemed to serve as either healthful or unhealthful stress reduction resources for the residents of the township. Besides primary data, secondary data was collected by carrying out secondary research method. As such, relevant online databases, such as the U.S. Census Bureau, which address the attributes in Teaneck were visited over the internet to collect the data. While searching for the online databases, keywords, such as ‘Teaneck Township,’ were emphasized. This enables secondary research to be efficient. Most importantly, the secondary data was readily available on specific government websites and databases, which made the approach to be faster than the primary research.


Teaneck has different resources that assist residents in coping with stress in healthful ways. For instance, the town has approximately 25 Local amusement parks according to the secondary data gathered from the internet (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). These parks are essential for recreational activities, providing one of the best platforms for residents to spend their leisure time positively. The primary data gathered by the researcher through a walking tour indicates an important park with a seat where people can take a rest while getting in touch with the natural environment. Besides parks, the Teaneck also has playgrounds. While four of these playgrounds are soccer fields, nine are baseball fields. Furthermore, Teaneck has handball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, baseball fields, as well as squash courts, which are managed by the Recreation Department of the town. With so many playgrounds The Recreation Department prohibits the public from making a loud noise, using alcohol, drugs, gambling, disturbing trees, vending, campaigning, using abusive language, and riding bicycles while spending leisure time in the parks (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). Thus, the playgrounds, parks, and courts are healthful stress management resources.

Teaneck provides approximately 200 fitness and education classes to its residents according to the secondary data gathered during the study (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). The Recreation Department manages these fitness and education sessions, ensuring that many residents engage in physical exercise during their leisure time instead of engaging in unproductive activities. These fitness and education sessions are important for helping residents of Teaneck in revitalizing their spirits. To support the education program, the town also offers library services to its residents. The library services enable residents of the town to read different writings essential for promoting cognitive growth and managing stress in a positive way (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). Essentially, the department also provides paint and sip classes for its residents, as indicated by the primary data gathered during the study (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). Hence the fitness and education classes provide residents with healthy ways of coping with stress.

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In addition to fitness and education, the Teaneck community has different religious community resources which offer healthful stress management ways. For instance, the primary data indicates that the community has a church which helps Christians communities to gather and receive spiritual nourishment and healthily manage their stress (see figure 3 in the Appendix). Churches act as essential platforms for residents to engage in prayers and attend worship services (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). As Christians interact with others in the congregation, they can manage stress by building their faith, trust, and spirit in God. The town has different boutiques where residents can shop (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). Going shopping enables many residents to relieve stress, as it reduces sadness and promotes positive emotions. Furthermore, the boutiques act as healthful stress management resources since they promote retail therapy (Burke, 2018).

Teaneck also has unhealthful stress management resources which impact the lives of many residents negatively. For example, the town hosts many fast food restaurants which act as unhealthful stress management resources (Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, 2018). These restaurants provide fast food, which is not healthy for people undergoing severe stress. When people frequently eat while experiencing severe stress, they may be at risk of gaining weight, becoming obese, overweight, and become exposed to health risks connected to high blood sugar, such as diabetes (Bailey, 2018).


From the findings of the study, it is evident that Teaneck has made essential advancements in providing residents with many healthful stress management resources. Residents can engage in different activities, such as fitness and education programs, reading in the library, walking in the parks, playing baseball, tennis, and basketball across various playgrounds and courts maintained by the administration. Additionally, different residents are able to participate in religious activities in different churches across the town. The situation indicates the residents have many healthful stress management resources compared to those that promote unhealthy ways of coping with stressful events of life. Fast food restaurant still remains one of the most unhealthful stress management resources in the town.


On the whole, Teaneck is one of the most important towns that promote the quality of life by providing as many healthful stress management resources as possible. The town invests in many areas which promote positive recreation among its residents. Since the Recreation Department forbids substance abuse, the use of drugs and alcohol in the parks, playgrounds, library, swimming pools, and courts, it strives to promote a drug-free town and help residents in managing stress positively. However, the community should educate its members to understand the negative impact of eating fast food while under stress. Most importantly, the town in the right direction towards promoting healthy ways of coping with stress among its residents.

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