Illusion Vs. Reality In The Great Gatsby And Other Literature

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Everyday people create false reality and live in the world they want. Sometime people try to become what they want to be just by create a huge scam or false reality. They deceive themselves and others just to discover that they are drowning in reality. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book ‘Great Gatsby’, the concept of hallucinations and reality is the main cause of failure and problems faced by most people. They can’t grasp the things that are not real, and ultimately cause them to collapse. Jay Gatsby is representing illusion. Gatsby told Nick a fake story about himself, he said he was from the midwest, and he came from a wealthy family, but all his parent dead.’I will tell you the truth about God. I am the son of some wealthy people in the Midwest.’ (Fitzgerald 65) Gatsby said he is doing many different adventures because he has enough money to do what he wants. But none of those things are real, Jay Gatsby was called James Gatz, and he came from a very poor family in North Dakota. All of Gatsby’s money is from piracy. The fake stories of himself show the illusion hat Gatsby portrayed to others. Daisy’s love is also a illusions. 

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Gatsby is fascinated by Daisy. They were in love before Gatsby went to the war. Gatsby tough they are going to get married. ‘Gatsby bought the house so that Daisy was across the bay.’ (Fitzgerald 78) The green light he reaches for the day is represents Daisy. Gatsby is seeking his dream Daisy, everything he did is because of Daisy. Gatsby did realize Daisy’s love is no longer exists, he is seeking the love he want, but is not real. He created an illusion that Daisy still loves him, and she will come back for him. George Wilson, a poor mechanic, has a considerable share of #” he formed his own fantasy. His wife Myrtle died shortly after discovering that she was cheating. He always insisted on Dr. TJ’s eyes. Eckleburg It is the eyes of God. ‘I told her that she might deceive me, but she can’t deceive God. (Fitzgerald 159) The false reality he created under anger and frustration made him do something terrible that he thought was right and reasonable. He made an irrational decision based on the illusion in Dr. TJ’s eyes. Eckleburg was at him. Gatsby was formed and killed, and he once again proved how fantasy can put false hopes and crazy motives into the characters in the ‘great Gatsby’. Daisy Buchanan is deeply impressed by wealth and carelessness, and makes her live a life full of fantasy. She uses money to get rid of reality, because she likes irresponsibility. Money and materialism have corrupted her. When she talks to Nick about her daughter, it shows, ‘I hope she will be a fool – this is the best thing a girl has in this world, a pretty little Fool.” (Fitzgerald 21) She said that having money and being careless is not about focusing on what really matters. 

That’s why Fitzgerald keeps her always dressed in white because it stands for purity, but she is corrupted by the money represented by gold and yellow. Contrary to all the characters in The Great Gatsby ,Tom Buchanan is represents reailty, he is the only characters who didn’t bound by fantasy. Tom was born into his money so everything about Tom Buchanan is real, his wealth, a lavish estate, Fancy cars. And no matter what had happen, Tom never create a illusion to lie to himself even when Myrtle died shortly after George discovered that she was cheating, or Gatsby want to take Daisy away from him, and he realized his wife did loved Gatsby. Fantasy almost overcomes all the characters in the ‘Great Gatsby’. These fantasies stem from the many different things that happen in the lives of people. They all believe that the illusions they create in reality will make their lives better, but they will create even bigger problems. They all live between fantasy and reality, trying to create what they want in their lives. In terms of illusion, they created love, money, happiness and carelessness, but on the real side, they found heartbreak, loneliness, corruption, and part of their disappearance. They are all looking for something they think will make them overall. Sadly, no one has found it but tom. they all bound by fantasy rather than reality, only Tom is living in the real world and that might be the reason why compare to other characters’ end Tom is the only characters who have a good ending. 

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