Essay Samples on History

They say that history never repeats and does not provide us with new facts. When you have to work with a college history assignment, things often seem challenging and require additional analysis and exploration of more than one chronology. If your history subject sounds too confusing to you or you cannot narrow things down, see our free history essay examples. These will help you learn more about how a specific event can be approached or how to analyze historical personalities as an option. As you browse through our free offerings, pay attention to how citations have been used and how each date plays an essential role. Following good structure is paramount for a successful essay on history because you must operate with the dates. Even if you must write a cause-and-effect history essay, you always start with the already existing causes. Choose at least one history essay sample that is close to your college task and explore how it has been written. Start with the introduction paragraph and do your best to identify the thesis statement or an assumption that has been made. It will help you overcome writer’s block and structure your history essay in a more efficient way.

1960s Dress Type: Main Concepts of Influence

The 1960s dress type was the type of revolutionary fashion that only people with true fashion sense could sport. These dresses were made to assist you in leashing out your true fun-loving and bold self. This decade of fashion was ideal for showing your artful...

Achilles in Homer’s Poem Iliad Review

Homer’s Iliad is a poem that deals with various emotions and addresses the complexity of these said emotions. From lust filled desires that led to a war that waged on for 10 years to meddlesome gods that took control of the mortals, Iliad covers it...

Holocaust: Dr. Josef Mengele Biography

 You ask someone, “what is the worst crime in living memory?” And their answers will most likely be “the Holocaust.” How could someone be so cruel and want to kill 6 million Jews? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Dr. Josef Mengele. The first time...

The Legends of Bigfoot: Truth or Fiction

Dating back to 1958, Aspiring journalist Andrew Genzoil of the Humboldt Times has put the spotlight on an entertaining letter from a reader regarding loggers from northern California who sighted mysteriously large footprints. With that in mind, Genzoil imaged the absurdly large prints had the...

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