Hermione in a Series of Fantasy Novels about Harry Potter

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“Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself”, this famous line was coming from our little Hermione when everyone was afraid of You-Know-Who, Lord Voldemort. Hermione is a young lady character that acknowledge by her intelligence in a series of fantasy novels which is Harry Porter that most of us watched during our childhood. This prominent character was portrayed by Emma Watson which have the same characteristics as Hermione that has successfully inspired us to stand up for what is right and keep gaining knowledge in this challenging world. Emma Watson has opened our eyes to embrace our confidence and intelligence.

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This young lady who holds the tittle of United Nations Women’s Ambassador has influence us to boost up our confidence. Many of young women including us astonished by her action that persuade us to speak our minds, stand up for each other and encourage one another. Because of her courageous and passionate, we as young girls daring to be proud of our accomplishment. Furthermore, she’s active in social activity environmentalist, human right activist and a certified yoga teacher that helped both of us to communicate better with people. It is important to be confident as having confidence means knowing your worth and it will help us to connect well with others.

The more someone knows, the more equipped that person is. This phrase is perfect to describe Emma Watson as she is one of the celebrities that choose education over popularity. She enrolled at Oxford University and completed part of her degree and then she received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the Ivy League Brown University in May 2014. 

She teaches us the value of education by promoting girls’ education through her position as an ambassador for Camfed International. Despite of pressure from surrounding, she managed herself to get good grade. Her difficulty in order to continue study make us perceive to keep studying even though there are many challenges that we might face in the future. Hence, intelligence help us to evaluate others’ opinion and decide the best path for us.

Emma Watson is a real beauty with brains because of her influence in inspiring females out there with her confidence and intelligences. She’s really inspired us to dream big and be more hardworking to achieve our dream. There’s nothing we want more than to achieve our dreams, and Emma Watson has taught us that there’s nothing stopping us from doing so. From her attainment, we’ve learned that we can be confident and beautiful at the same time. Emma Watson once say “Girls should never be afraid to be smart” and this quote become our daily inspiration to keep moving forward.

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