Harry Potter' Story and Privet Drive

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Book starts with Harry back at Privet Drive. He has been writing to his friends but has not been receiving letters back. This has really isolated him. Now that he has experienced the wizarding world, he wants nothing quite to return thereto . However a house elf named Dobby appears and tells him to not return to the varsity which something really bad will happen there this year. Harry finds out that Dobby has been holding back his letters and chases him. This causes him to interrupt the banquet his aunt and uncle are having when Dobby uses a hover charm to float a cake over one among the guests head and drop it.

This leads Harry to urge in trouble and he gets locked into his room. Eventually Ron Weasly and his two brothers Fred and George come to rescue him and take Harry to their home. This results in the return to the magic setting that the Diagon Alley chapters of the previous novel had, but this point , during a more homey situation which is extremely refreshing. It also allows us to find out more from several new characters that weren't touched on considerably apart from names within the previous book.

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That is one among the most important strengths of this book. It builds alright off the previous book with little or no recap needed. The initial shock on a magical world is gone. Now, it’s time to expand thereon and really begin to grow the wizarding world. The section in Diagon alley for this book tacks on the thought more heavily of celebrities within the wizarding world with Gildoroy Lockheart. An author who has achieved many glorious tasks. We also see the view of another section of the wizarding world for the primary time. this is often the darker side, the evil side if you'll . It introduces some more of Malfoy’s family and also shows how the wizarding world also has political divides.

The return to Hogwarts is handled differently than the past book also . It’s of these small changes that i think really make this book feel new and expand on the planet with several different ideas. This book noticeably does less school lessons with longer dedicated to moving the plot of the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter gets himself in trouble being within the wrong place at the incorrect time. 

This spirals downward and results in detention and eventually isolation with the entire school not trusting him. during a way this is often a book that shows school bullying at their second year. The derogatory term “Mud Blood” is uttered by Malfoy to Hermione and that we get once more a far better sense of the bullying and political differences of families within the wizarding world.

We the readers get to find out some new spells along the way during this book also as take a deeper dive into the category of potion making during a sense. an entire several chapters are spent within the development and use of the Polyjuice potion. A potion which will have major consequences on the remainder of the series. best to find out it young!

There is many comical relief during this book even through it feels rather bleak sometimes . Everything from Ron’s wand breaking to the Gilderoy Lockhear shenanigans that happen throughout the year after he gets the Defence Against the Dark Arts job. there's even a Valentines bit during this book that I feel is extremely well placed within the series for character romance. This is often treated only as a crush a not a full blown relationship between 12 year olds that might feel very cringy at the best . Overall the character development is great, every character seems to grow and that we learn more about them throughout the book. this is often effective for quite just the most characters but the supporting characters also which really makes this world feel very lived in deep. 

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