How Harry Potter Series Influenced Me and My Life

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In my earliest memories, I can recall my parents reading me different stories such as Goodnight Moon and The Moral Compass. They encouraged me to read even before I went to school. When I finally started school, I was an advanced reader, and I have been one ever since. Though I was advanced, my teachers would force me to read short, boring books that did not give me what I was craving: adventure. This caused me to resent reading for a while, but in third grade, I came across a series that quenched my thirst for adventure and actually challenged me. J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series taught me to love reading and to love learning. The magical world of Harry Potter stimulated my imagination which caused me to love reading.

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I loved that I could relate to the character Hermione. I also loved reading about the camaraderie between the characters, as well as the main plot. I finished the thrilling series during the fourth grade, and I have been trying to recapture the mind-blowing sensation that the books gave me ever since. I have read hundreds of different stories, such as Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, that have provided me with the same excitement. I now absolutely adore reading because it gives me a chance to escape reality and go on an adventure.

Not only did Harry Potter cause me to love reading, it also caused me to fall in love with learning. Harry Potter caused me to get into reading more books, about various things, including historical events. I began researching these events and places, and I was awed by them. I would read up on Greek mythology or the British royal family. I would search to find pictures of the Colosseum in Rome or the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I became fascinated by the technology used to build these great wonders, and I would try to find the different theories as to how they were built.

This caused me to become interested in learning about science and math because I wanted to know how it was possible to build such structures, but history remains my one true passion. I am still in love with the history of the world, and I continue to explore the different stories of the past. It was through reading Harry Potter that I acquired this passion for learning, and J. K. Rowling’s stories provided me with a strong foundation for my academic career.

Harry Potter has truly influenced my life, even on an everyday basis. My love for reading and learning has placed me in the top of my class. In fact, Harry Potter has even partially influenced my choice in careers. I intend on becoming a history teacher in the future, and if it was not for Harry Potter, I might not even like history. I’m extremely thankful to J. K. Rowling and her phenomenal series for providing me with a passion for learning, a love for learning, and a strong base for my academic and real life career.

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