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Gullivers Travels: The Benefits and Disadvantage of Travelling

Gulliver or also known as Lemuel Gulliver, a married man and a surgeon from Nottinghamshire, England who loves to travel around the world but he only can travels when he had free time. He travels to South Seas on a voyage, then he got a...

Satire in the Works of Johnathan Swift

Johnathon Swift was a man with quite a bit to say. And he believed that for anyone to listen to him they would need to be either shocked or entertained. In his two satirical works, “Gulliver’s Travels” and “A Modest Proposal”, Swift takes two different...

Theme of Human Nature in Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

When a person meets someone new they try to recognize their human nature, whether it be how they act, speak, or train of thought. In Gulliver’s Travels, a fresh, astonishing surgeon set sails on an adventure on the sea. On his adventures Gulliver meets a...

The Travel Literature Genre: Utopian Time Travel

The utopian travel texts selected for this study are divided into two categories according to the closeness and remoteness of their ‘utopias’ to reality, hence a part is devoted to fantastic utopias and the other one deals with colonial utopias. These are preceded by a...

Brilliant Usage of Satire in A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift was a 17th century Anglo-Irish poet, clerk, and political pamphleteer, best known for his prose of fiction, such as the Gulliver’s Travels, the Battle of the Books, and Tale of a Tub. Swift is famously considered to be one of the best satirists...

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