Gullivers Travels: The Benefits and Disadvantage of Travelling

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Gulliver or also known as Lemuel Gulliver, a married man and a surgeon from Nottinghamshire, England who loves to travel around the world but he only can travels when he had free time. He travels to South Seas on a voyage, then he got a disaster and crashed to land called Liliputs. This island is inhabited by very small people, they’re like just 5-6 inchs. But in this island he was treated like a God, he was treated very well. They gave him food, drink, clothes, and others. He also helped the kingdom if the kingdom have any problem. Then he went back home, on the way to go home same thing happen, he crashed again. But now he crashed to an island called Brobdingnag.

The Brobdingnag Island is full with very tall people not short people, they’re like about 60-70 feat tall. He was treated very badly. He tried to escape and he succeed. Then he travelled again after that he was caught by a pirate and he was forced to jump, then he was stuck. But He was saved by a flying rock island called Laputa Island. Then he went back home again. He did travel and travel again and again. Then the last island that he visited is called Houyhnhnm. The humans there doesn’t look like a normal human as we are. They have their own culture and their clothes are different as ours as a normal human.

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Ibn Battuta says “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” It’s actually true. I think that travelling is not good because It has a lot of risk and we must manage first if we want to travel, not like Gulliver, he doesn’t arrange his travel time and also travel cost a lot of money. Traveling is actually wasting money. Gulliver can die in his travelling because he crashed so many times in his journey. I think God still help him to survive. We must arrange every thing befoure we go to travelling.

But on the other side traveling can make us happy. We can make friends with other people in the country that we visited, we also can learn about other peoples race or tradition in that country that we visited. Rather than we play mobile phones or watching TV better we go traveling. Gulliver likes to travel to spend his time if he not doing anything. He likes exploring new things form around the world, meeting new people, and many more. Ibn Battuta also says “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” And this means that can make you connect to other people. Traveling can make you more smarter and gain you more knowledge about other people race in other countries and when you go back to your country you can tell to you friends or family.

Actually traveling have advantages / benefits and also have disadvantage. Travelling cost a lot of money and most people are not able to afford the cost of a trip to somewhere they desire because they are not rich enough. Travelling also need connection from people in other countries. Also, when travelling outside the country, you’re risking yourself and maybe your life or other. When Gulliver travelled by ship, the weather was the one who decides whether he will arrive his destination or not and in the end, a storm caught his ship and he got crashed in the island. Travelling also take times off from you’re family because you wouldn’t see you’re family when you are on trip. When travelling, you can call your family through video call aor call to tell how you are and how your adventure is but you will spend more time away from family when you keep travelling. When travelling outside, your health is very important because. In order to continue your adventure, you need a good health and when you’re sick, no one will help you since you don’t have aby friends.

In conclusion, travelling have some advantages and some disadvantages. Travelling may connect you to other people, it can make you happy, it gives you more knowledge about other culture outside our own country and also we can know about their race. However, disadvantages are also present, travelling will cost a lot of your money, time, effort, and you will be risking your life. This is why I think that we should take stop from traveling or having an adventure so we can spend time with our family more, and finish our life with our family.

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