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Depiction of Shakespeare's Henry V in Film and Dance

Throughout the years, William Shakespeare’s plays have been repeatedly adapted and referenced in popular culture, not only in film, but also in literature, television, dance, music or even video games. The purpose of this essay is to analyse and compare two adaptations of Shakespeare’s Henry...

The Reign of Henry VIII and His Transformative Reforms

Henry VIII could easily be called one of England's most influential kings. He is most widely known for beheading and divorcing five of his six wives. He was in charge of the Protestant Reformation, breaking from the Roman Catholic Church, creating the royal supremacy, and...

The Commital of British Royalty to Catholicism

In investigating Henry’s committal to Catholicism between 1529 and 1547, it is also key to explore the religious changes that took place and the developments that occurred as a consequence. The period of religious change that ensued, typically referred to as ‘The English Reformation’, can...

Threat to the Crown: How the Pilgramage of Grace Compromised Henry VIII

The Pilgrimage of Grace of 1536 is a major uprising which, paradoxically, could be viewed to have both threatened and subsequently weakened Henry and his regime- and posed no threat, and strengthened the monarchy. The Pilgrimage of Grace is a large-scale rebellion which posed as...

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